19:35 qq[IrcCity]: hello. I have troubles running Xorg 1.20.13 on GeForce 8600 GTS (NV40 family) with the recent Linux 5.16.0-rc6. Namely, Xorg freezes under certain conditions and makes the console unusable (although I can look at it in a debugger).
19:38 qq[IrcCity]: Specifically, Xorg fails when I switch into its console (NVEnterVT is called) after having the computer resumed (from suspend-to-RAM state). Notably, nouveau resumes text consoles successfully.
19:40 qq[IrcCity]: Switching to other consoles and back to vt7 in isolation (without pressing Sleep button) also works.
19:42 qq[IrcCity]: The kernel log can be seen at http://course.irccity.ru/GeForce_8600_GTS.txt (note: ␛ characters denote ANSI colors).
19:44 qq[IrcCity]: I am unsure whether to blame the software or make more tests with other Nvidia cards (but removing and installing them into the slot is tedious). Also note that my hardware can be faulty.
19:47 qq[IrcCity]: Unlikely here is anything special to 5.16.0-rc6; I made tests with earlier kernels and results were the same or worse.
19:47 qq[IrcCity]: I just ensured that use the latest kernel software.