00:35 namtsui: I ran some steam proton games and nouveau was able to render them at a very slow speed
00:37 namtsui: I think that means vulkan is included now
07:21 eragon: Are you sure that it was rendered with nouveau ? On the computer where I tested that it was rendered on the CPU.
07:22 eragon: Vulkan was rendered with the CPU and OpenGL on nouveau
07:26 namtsui: ah not sure then
07:26 namtsui: I was just surprised that it started at all
07:27 namtsui: got like 40-50 fps on an older game guilty gear plus r
07:27 namtsui: and like 20 fps on a newer game melty blood type lumina
14:33 eragon: Yay... Now vkcube don't want to start at all...