09:56 mupuf: pmoreau: no fucking way! Amazing! Congrats!
09:56 mupuf: Maybe you should take some time for yourself before jumping on new tasks though ;)
09:57 mupuf:took a freaking month, travelling all across europe by train
09:57 mupuf: then I had to come back to prepare the defense and some talks
10:51 pmoreau: Thanks, mupuf! Well, I’m currently off for almost three weeks, visiting family, so there isn’t much happening besides starting discussing with potential future employers, and resting. But I’m planning on taking several weeks after the defence and a conference presentation to finish some PhD-related work and rest some more, before starting a new job.
10:51 mupuf: pmoreau: great!
10:51 pmoreau: Travelling all across Europe sounds great! But now is not a great time for it, sadly…
10:52 mupuf: unfortunately, yeah...
10:52 pmoreau: I’m sure there will be a future opportunity to do so.
10:52 mupuf: for sure :)
16:25 eragon: I didn't found that in the docs. What is the current stage of vulkan in nouveau ?
22:13 pmoreau: eragon: Nothing merged so far, and I am not even sure there is anything publicly available for testing. So no support at all at the moment.
22:15 eragon: OK, thanks