00:01 RSpliet: pabs: for device discovery and initialisation? I thought they just wanted to make it so that *some* step in the bootchain (like U-Boot, or maybe a level up) is UEFI compatible so that at least some of the bootstrap-hell can be removed from the kernel.
00:01 pabs: yeah, I got the impression that UEFI and ACPI were part of their recent embedded and server system standards
00:02 pabs: of course, its ARM so not sure how much the vendors will care aboue those standards
00:03 RSpliet: Yeah... not to mention that for anywhere except servers, there's a real drive to strip as many drivers out of the kernel as humanly possible. That's always going to result in anholt's "missing magic config option" issues
00:28 HdkR: lol, DT making things different. Better? Big hmmmm
00:29 anholt: ok. I think I might have a display bound, but not nouveau. possibly because tegra210 doesn't have 3d in its dt?