11:16 al_: Greetings, is anybody online atm?
11:17 al_: I was directed here by the troubleshooting page on the website
11:17 RSpliet: No need to ask to ask, just ask. IRC is a bit asynchronous.
11:17 al_: fair enough
11:19 al_: About a week ago, my arch linux install started flickering between a. low resolution and b. purple with an vertical offset of around 2cm
11:19 al_: every 2 seconds or so
11:19 al_: the card is an nvidia GEForce MAX150
11:21 al_: At first I thought it was a hardware problem. But then I observed that if I leave it powered off for 20 to 30 mins and then boot into issues goes away
11:21 al_: but if I just reboot, the problem even shows up at the bootloader
11:22 al_: So that leads me to believe that something happened to the driver after an update..
11:23 al_: The images ghost/overlay each other. and jump vertically with a flicker
11:24 al_: Any thoughts on what I might try to resolve this?
11:25 RSpliet: Honestly, your description sounds like an overheating issue
11:26 al_: As in, damage caused by overheating?
11:26 RSpliet: Or not damage, but just a malfuncitoning chip when it overheats
11:27 al_: The issue is happening right now and its not running hot.
11:27 ccr: "hot" is relative
11:28 ccr: if it occurs in bootloader too, then it can't really be the driver. you should see if the issue is visible in BIOS/UEFI also.
11:30 al_: I guess the the UEFI probably has its own driver eh?
11:30 ccr: uh, yes
11:31 al_: Damn. so maybe I cooked my video card.
11:32 al_: It did report running hot from time to time last month
11:34 al_: rebootinh now too check, brb
12:15 al_: Yep it was present in the UEFI.
12:16 al_: I left it off for 30 mins. It started again when the temperature reported by the system reached ~45C
12:21 al_: I have been running mint on this cpu for close to 2 years without issue but i switched to arch for the first time around 6 weeks ago
12:22 al_: I understand that arch requires more DIY configuration and I suppose that means temp managemetn as well.
12:23 al_: would 38C be a reasonable target running temp for the video card? Or is that also too warm
12:26 ccr: dunno. usually these kinds of intermittant problems occur when there is some thermal damage (or possibly something like a "cold solder joint" or such) already, so it's not easy to say what works
12:27 ccr: if there is warranty left, it might be covered
12:30 al_: Ya fair enough. Warranty expired back in July. and noboby knows how to deal with linux around here anyway. Many thanks for the assistance