14:25 mmu_man: hi
14:25 mmu_man: anyone familiar with envytools?
14:27 mmu_man: I'm looking into this VESA driver patch to add custom modes in Haiku by live-patching the BIOS: https://review.haiku-os.org/c/haiku/+/4629 and trying to make sense of some tables instead of blindly binary patching, but the ones I want are missing from nvbios/
14:28 mmu_man: First I'm trying to add code to dump the S table (strings), but I'm not sure about the coding style… like should I strndup or put some char[] in the struct…
14:31 mmu_man: had a first try with some python code, and noticed the only doc from nvidia (open-gpu-doc) is wrong about those, eh
15:14 mmu_man: oh, my python code was wrong, bad format in unpack :D
15:14 mmu_man: got the 'S' table dumped
15:27 mmu_man: https://github.com/mmuman/envytools/tree/more-bit-tables
15:57 fuzzybear3965: I have a Nvidia GTX 1650 Ti (laptop card) and I had to pull some tricks to get my external monitor to work with the nouveau driver.
15:57 fuzzybear3965: I'm not sure why I'm doing what I'm doing.
15:57 fuzzybear3965: Here's the script: https://pastebin.com/raw/3uwN3gir
15:57 fuzzybear3965: It's pretty simple, but I have some questions.
15:58 fuzzybear3965: 1) Am I even using my graphics card? I think I'm offloading the output to my Intel iGPU...
15:58 fuzzybear3965: 2) How can I configure my kernel/X so that I don't have to run this at log-in (I want nouveau to activate and deactivate this monitor when I plug/unplug)?
15:58 fuzzybear3965: 3) Is this performing "reverse PRIME"?
16:00 fuzzybear3965: I can give versions of the kernel and X and the nouveau driver (and whatever else is needed) and I have logs. If any of them will help then please let me know.
18:14 imirkin: mmu_man: try to maintain the surrounding coding style.
18:15 imirkin: nothing more defined than that
18:58 mmu_man: thx
20:18 fuzzybear3965: imirkin, I think you're a Nouveau developer if I'm right about your username.