21:07 TimurTabi: How do I unload the nouveau driver when the kernel thinks that it's "in use"?
21:07 TimurTabi: $ lsmod | grep nouveau
21:07 TimurTabi: nouveau 2072576 1
21:07 TimurTabi: I don't have any graphics up, so I don't know what's using it.
21:21 ajax: the framebuffer console counts as a user
21:39 TimurTabi: how do I kill that?
21:39 TimurTabi: I'm logged in via ssh so I don't need the framebuffer
21:39 TimurTabi: I want to test unloading of the driver, so it just needs to work once.
21:49 karolherbst: ajax: did the path move? On my intel system I only have one vtconsole and that's the dummy one...