12:41 Ermine: Hello, will extract_firmware.py work with driver version 470.74?
12:57 karolherbst: Ermine: probably not with this version specifically, but there is also no good reason unless we support video acceleration on newer GPUs
13:09 Ermine: Okay. Will then firmware from x86 driver work on x64 system?
13:18 karolherbst: yes, this is GPU firmware
15:02 Ermine: Ah ok
17:13 imirkin: Ermine: just follow the instructions in the wiki, that's really the best thing to do.
17:29 Ermine: imirkin: yes, I finally did it as in wiki, but now nouveau says it failed to load nve6_fuc409c and fuc409c with error -2
17:31 imirkin: are you passing in nouveau.NvGrUseFW=1?
17:31 imirkin: if so, you don't need to
17:31 imirkin: but if you want to, that's fine. but you have to make sure you actually follow the wiki instructions, i.e. use nvidia driver 325.25 or whatever the wiki tells you
17:36 Ermine: Ah, I've picked wrong wget in history, my fault. Changed to 325.15 and it works! Thank you!
17:38 Ermine: But looks like it didn't fix the freezes...
18:46 Ermine: Btw nouveau ignores NvGrUseFW as unknown
18:47 imirkin: nouveau.config=NvGrUseFW=1
18:48 imirkin: that will cause the blob's grctxsw firmware to get loaded
18:52 Ermine: ah, I forgot to update-grub
18:57 Ermine: But then previous error appears. Extracted files do not include nve6_fuc409 but include nve6_fuc409c and nve6_409d
18:57 imirkin: that sounds right
18:58 imirkin: the code and data are in separate files
18:58 imirkin: c = code, d = data
19:03 Ermine: Ah, yes. Those are presented, and nouveau fails to load nve6_fuc409c with error -2
19:03 imirkin: that means they're not available at the time that nouveau loads
19:05 Ermine: That's strange. Entire system resides on single partition
19:07 imirkin: is nouveau built-in?
19:07 imirkin: then the firmware has to be in the kernel
19:07 imirkin: if nouveau is loaded from an initrd, then the firwmare has to be in the initrd
19:07 imirkin: etc
19:21 Ermine: Indeed, ubuntu puts nouveau to initramfs, but it doesn't want to put firmware
20:01 Ermine: But in Arch that works, and it seems like there are no freezes
20:33 karolherbst: tagr: did you see my comments on the MR and want to address them or should we just go ahead and merge the changes?
20:50 Ermine: I've seen firmware/nvidia folder. Did nvidia give firmwares for some of their cards?
20:51 imirkin: some firmware for the later boards which require signed firmware to have any accel
20:51 imirkin: not enough to do reclocking, of course
20:51 imirkin: since that'd be helpful
20:51 imirkin: can't have any of that
20:52 imirkin: (my guess is they didn't release that firmware out of the goodness of their hearts either, but some sort of corporate pressure which could have put a lot of their chip sales in jeopardy, or something like that)
20:57 Ermine: Well, good move from nvidia
21:00 imirkin: the real solution is to not buy their hardware
21:18 Ermine: I agree, but I'm not going to replace my hardware any time soon, so I have my nve6 for now
21:20 imirkin: yea, no problem ... actually kepler is one of the better-supported gens
22:10 Ermine: Oh, so I'm lucky! Thank you guys!
22:14 imirkin: you get full reclocking on that (well, manual, but still nice)
22:14 imirkin: still well short of blob perf
22:20 Ermine: At least nouveau does not crash things (with blob firmware) and does not hang pc or break framebuffers after sleep
22:26 imirkin: meh
22:26 imirkin: we'll see :)
22:26 imirkin: a bunch of people have been reporting issues with resume-from-suspend
22:29 Ermine: I hope it'll work for me