16:58 Rberto_vil: Hi there, some months ago I told you all that I want to contribute with the wiki of the project nouveau, I was reading the code at the wiki's repo but I realize that the repo have no license
16:59 Rberto_vil: So anybody could simply stole those codes
16:59 Rberto_vil: I would like to add a license, what do you think about that?
17:00 ajax: it has a license, i assure you
17:01 ajax: there's some question of what exactly it means to "steal" MIT-licensed code...
17:03 ajax: if you mean the nouveau _wiki_ has no license, i'm pretty sure we've had some appropriate waiver text when you create an account... but it's been years since i created a new one and fdo's moved wikis more thanonce
17:03 Rberto_vil: I comment that because at the repo https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/nouveau/wiki/-/tree/master I don't see the license file
17:05 ajax: it's probably good to be explicit, sure. cc0, something else...?
17:05 Rberto_vil: ajax: yep, I mean that at the wiki I don't see the license
17:08 Rberto_vil: Sorry, I wrote a large message explaining more what I mean, but it wasn't sent.
17:42 Rberto_vil: I add an issue at the wiki repo ( https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/nouveau/wiki/-/tree/master ) about to add the MIT license