19:37 tagr: Lyude: I do have a pre-bricked 1050 somewhere, if that's useful?
19:37 imirkin: after an unfortunate meeting with a chainsaw? :)
19:37 Lyude: tagr: oh it might be! I will have to look to see if the thing I'm looking at playing with would work on pascal
19:38 tagr: I have no idea how exactly I managed to brick it, to be honest
19:38 tagr: might have been a short-circuit on one of the PCI pins or something
19:40 tagr: I basically had it hooked up to a Tegra with a x8 (I think) PCI slot and while connecting some other wire accidentally slipped and moved the GPU a bit
19:40 tagr: there might have even been a spark, there certainly was a clicking sound and after that it never worked again
19:41 Lyude: a click?
19:41 tagr: *shrug*
19:41 Lyude: that's rather strange
19:41 Lyude: …unfortunately I can tell this probably already wouldn't be too useful for what I'm trying unfortunately
19:41 tagr: well, the kind of clicking/popping sound that a spark makes
19:41 imirkin: sparking often sounds like clicking...
19:41 Lyude: ahhh
19:41 Lyude: -that- kind of clicking, gotcha
19:41 tagr: hehe
19:41 imirkin: the real question is ... was the magic smoke which powers the gpu released?
19:42 Lyude: hah
19:43 tagr: I don't think so, it's probably only the PCI connector that's busted
19:43 imirkin: (once the magic smoke exits a transistor, that transistor no longer works...)
19:43 imirkin: ah sad
19:44 imirkin: you could cut it down to x1 ;)
19:44 tagr: oh, it's actually a 1060
19:44 imirkin: sever the pins for x4 .. x8, hope the badness is on those
19:45 tagr: I think I actually tried putting some tape over most of the pins, but couldn't make it work
19:45 imirkin: i see you're already a pro at this :)
19:45 tagr: maybe I should try again, perhaps I just shocked it into hibernation
19:46 tagr: well... not so much a pro as desperate not to have to order a new GPU after this one had been in use for something like 15 minutes
19:46 imirkin: ugh, i hate it when something dumb happens and ruins perfectly good hardware
19:46 imirkin: "if only i hadn't spilled that water" etc
19:47 imirkin: a bit like crying over spilled milk, but still hurts
19:51 Lyude: my least favorite is when you break something and it's fixable, so you go to try to fix it but then you accidentally break it further so it's beyond repair :(
19:51 imirkin: i have a pixel 4a i dropped in the dumbest way possible with a broken screen
19:51 imirkin: very sad.
19:54 tagr: it's no good, just tried it again and it's not showing up on the PCI bus
19:54 tagr: Lyude: so probably not suitable for whatever you had in mind
19:54 Lyude: yeah probably not, thanks for checking though!
19:58 tagr: one of the perks of getting old is increased patience, so when the panel broke on my laptop a couple of days ago I tried to open it up to check if maybe just the connector was loose or something, but after I couldn't get it open upon exerting what I considered enough force, I decided to better let support handle it instead
19:59 tagr: I'd like to think it was a smart decision, but maybe it was also just a lazy decision
19:59 tagr: I suppose sometimes lazy can be smart
19:59 imirkin: work smart, not hard
21:54 HerrSpliet: or do neither... but just don't work hard ok
21:58 imirkin: working hard? or hardly working?