03:50 KitsuWhooa: 22:09:27 <CounterPillow> that depends on the importing country, but usually with declared values below EUR 5 you should be ok I think. <-- if they see a big box and it's 5€ they'll probably ask for a receipt, or go online and look at the value of the card
03:50 HdkR: (It's also tax evasion)
03:50 KitsuWhooa: if you buy it for cheap, it's probably not too bad
03:52 KitsuWhooa: But with the new EU system, the "anything below 22€ doesn't get taxed" or whatever it was is now gone
16:29 RSpliet: I have an interesting problem on Kepler GK107! If you look at https://imgur.com/a/tQt6Hs0 you'll see that from those images of the various logo's, there's a wide shadow towards the right
16:29 RSpliet: This happens both using Firefox and Chrome, on https://imgur.com/gallery/GrNxnXQ
16:29 imirkin: RSpliet: i think that's on purpose...
16:29 imirkin: i see it too
16:30 RSpliet: imirkin: that's a very weird effect to have on purpose?
16:30 imirkin: ok
16:30 imirkin: i'm on skylake though
16:30 RSpliet: Yeah, I was about to see if I could open that link elsewhere
16:30 RSpliet: But it had me going "is my monitor shit?" until I screenshotted it
16:31 imirkin: definitely a very weird effect
16:31 imirkin: not sure how they do it
16:31 RSpliet: Wait, ok, I have a Windows laptop here
16:31 imirkin: they have this weird "image-placeholder" element
16:32 imirkin: which stretches the whole image with opacity 0.01
16:32 RSpliet: ...
16:32 RSpliet: Okay
16:32 imirkin: why do they do this, you ask? couldn't tell ya
16:32 RSpliet: My problem is that website then
16:32 imirkin: but like in chrome, right click on the main image, do "inspect element"
16:32 imirkin: and notice that there's a image-placeholder element there
16:33 imirkin: delete the element (you can just hit 'delete' key on it)
16:33 imirkin: and notice how the shadow disappears
16:34 RSpliet:smashes his palm through his face
16:34 RSpliet: Ok
16:34 RSpliet: Yep
16:34 RSpliet: Guess they're sponsored by monitor manufacturers now
16:34 RSpliet: trying to sell more HW
16:34 imirkin: and they would have gotten away with it too
16:34 imirkin: if it wasn't for those pesky kids
17:42 Lyude: oh wow
17:43 Lyude: ah, nvce. I think i've already got some fermi cards
17:44 Lyude: if anyone is looking to get rid of more recent GPUs though hit me up, although that's probably easier said then done. would like to find a decently new-ish nvidia GPU I can potentially brick for some very fun experiments
20:40 karolherbst: mhhh I think we should rework nouveau_drm_open so it doesn't wake up the GPU...