18:43 Lyude: (btw if anyone has had any issues they've been waiting for me to look at, feel free to mention them to me as I should finally have some time to work on them
19:43 cdo256: hello
19:44 cdo256: My 4K monitor is black on wayland and X using nouveau on a GTX 970
19:45 cdo256: This doesn't happen for my 1080p monitor but happens on both 4.19 kernel and 5.10 kernel (using debian)
19:48 imirkin: cdo256: anything interesting in dmesg?
19:48 imirkin: cdo256: anything special about the monitor?
19:49 cdo256: Tried plugging it into a 4K tv and got the same result
19:49 cdo256: There's a few errors in dmsg about MMIO read/write fault (different message on different kernel versions)
19:50 cdo256: but the most relevant looks like: DRM: DDC responded, but no EDID for HDMI-A-1
19:50 cdo256: and also DRM: Failure to read SCDC_TMS_CONFIG: -6
19:51 cdo256: The first is only on the 4.19 kernel and the second only on 5.10
19:52 imirkin: the SCDC stuff is bad.
19:52 imirkin: i don't think we handle failures properly
19:53 cdo256: should I raise a bug?
19:54 imirkin: wouldn't hurt. gitlab.freedesktop.org/drm/nouveau