02:21 pabs: imirkin_, juri_: you might want to post those jobs here: https://www.fossjobs.net/ and add the hiring orgs here: https://github.com/fossjobs/fossjobs/wiki/resources#employers
02:22 imirkin: pabs: i didn't post any jobs
02:22 imirkin: nice site though
02:23 pabs: woops, misread the backlog, sorry for the ping
02:23 pabs: RSpliet: ^^
02:23 imirkin: looks like only a handful of companies posting jobs
02:23 imirkin: not extremely surprising
02:23 imirkin: but not a "deep" marketplace
02:24 pabs: yeah, I'm trying to do outreach to get more companies to post, but there are a lot more FOSS companies on the employers page than regularly post
02:25 imirkin: lots of stuff posted ages ago
02:26 pabs: one of the other site admins used to copy posts from elsewhere quite a bit, probably less so these days
12:31 RSpliet: pabs: If they're true FOSS jobs, I'll let them know this is an outlet, thanks. For a RISC-V core engineer I don't think that holds, fat chance the core will be FOSS; that's just the ISA.
12:52 pabs: RSpliet: ack, thanks
20:49 juri_: pabs: done. ;)