14:33 DrNefario: Does anyone know why there would be no EDID for DP-1? https://termbin.com/yyl7 Here's what my screen looks like. https://imgur.com/d51qZYR
14:34 imirkin: DrNefario: i'm guessing the two are linked :)
14:34 DrNefario: Yeah, seems like it
14:35 DrNefario: I've never been able to get mode setting to work with nouveau
14:35 imirkin: =/
14:35 imirkin: well, i can assure you that there are circumstances where it works
14:35 imirkin: few though they might be
14:36 DrNefario: Is ther something I can do to make it work?
14:36 DrNefario: Usually I juat disable mode setting entirely then install the proprietary drivers
14:38 DrNefario: It's a bit inconvenient to have to fully install a distro to be able to use it properly though, so I'm looking for a way to run my monitor at native resolution by changing the kernel parameters
14:39 imirkin: could be that a newer kernel will help -- you have a fairly new GPU
14:41 DrNefario: What distro do you think has the newest kernel included in the ISO?
14:41 imirkin: arch
14:41 imirkin: Included Kernel: 5.12.13
14:41 imirkin: that's pretty new
14:43 DrNefario: Would I be able to get nouveau up and running without installing it? That's my main goal
14:44 imirkin: i don't know for sure, but i would assume so.
14:44 imirkin: DrNefario: what monitor is this?
14:45 imirkin: i've seen some weird monitors that don't respond to DDC when they're switched to the wrong input
14:45 DrNefario: Acer XB240H
14:45 imirkin: (even though they are supposed to)
14:46 imirkin: ok, so the only weird thing about this monitor is that it does 144hz refresh
14:46 imirkin: but ... that would matter *after* EDID
14:46 imirkin: if you can plug it in via HDMI, btw, everything will work
14:47 DrNefario: Unfortunately it only has the single DP input
14:49 imirkin: =/
14:49 imirkin: this monitor definitely sounds familiar
14:49 imirkin: although usually it's with people who have trouble with the 144hz vs 120hz
14:50 imirkin: (never figured out why)
14:50 imirkin: DrNefario: do you have any indication that the DP cable is "good"?
14:50 imirkin: e.g. does it work in another OS / other drivers?
14:51 DrNefario: It works perfectly in Windows 10
14:51 imirkin: with the same gfx card / monitor, right?
14:51 DrNefario: Yep
14:51 imirkin: cool
14:51 imirkin: just checking
14:51 imirkin: it's rare for that to be an issue, but _very_ annoying when it is
14:55 DrNefario: It honestly might have something to do with the monitor, I've built two computers from scratch and both of them had this same problem
14:56 DrNefario: The first computer was an Intel 4690k + GTX 960, this one is a Ryzen 3600 + RTX 2070 Super
14:59 DrNefario: Does G-Sync ever cause problems?
15:07 DrNefario: I do find it interesting that HDMI is more likely to work, I thought DisplayPort was the simpler standard
15:09 imirkin: nooo
15:09 imirkin: DP = networking
15:09 imirkin: which happens to, optionally, support video
15:09 imirkin: HDMI is more like DVI
15:09 DrNefario: Oh lol I had no idea
15:09 imirkin: you can have DP hubs.
15:09 imirkin: there is loop detection.
15:11 DrNefario: So I just started Arch from the ISO and my screen lost signal, so now it's just idling
15:13 DrNefario: Adding `nomodeset` lets the screen work, but now the resolution is incorrect
15:16 imirkin: nomodeset = don't load nouveau
15:19 DrNefario: So now as soon as nouveau loads my screen loses signal, is there something I can do?
15:20 imirkin: boot with nomodeset
15:20 imirkin: then ssh in
15:20 imirkin: then load nouveau
15:20 imirkin: see what dmesg says
15:20 DrNefario: Good idea
15:36 DrNefario: So what log files should I look at now that I've enabled nouveau?
15:36 imirkin: dmesg
15:36 imirkin: still complaining about edid?
15:37 DrNefario: Yes
15:40 imirkin: :(
15:40 imirkin: what happens if you unplug + plug the cable?
15:44 DrNefario: It loses signal and doesn't turn back on
15:46 imirkin: this will need some better logs
15:46 imirkin: need to see what's going on
15:46 imirkin: can you try booting with
15:47 imirkin: drm.debug=0x11e nouveau.debug=disp=trace,aux=trace
15:48 DrNefario: Here's the last logs: https://termbin.com/qbag
15:49 imirkin: oh this is different
15:49 imirkin: no edid, AND it got totally stuck
15:50 imirkin: (and it decided on 1680x1050 resolution somehow??)
15:52 DrNefario: 1680x1050 is the resolution of my second monitor that isn't even plugged in
15:52 DrNefario: It's also displayport and had the same issues
15:52 imirkin: heh
15:52 imirkin: if it's not plugged in, seems unlikely to be related :)
16:00 DrNefario: The log buffer wasn't large enough lol https://termbin.com/y7rj
16:02 imirkin: wow, drm is pretty loud here.
16:02 imirkin: that extra 0x100 bit wasn't what i wanted
16:02 imirkin: kill it
16:02 imirkin: drm.debug=0x1e
16:02 imirkin: instead of 11e
16:02 DrNefario: Okay
16:02 imirkin: i don't remember what all the bits are :)
16:02 imirkin: and people keep adding them
16:02 DrNefario: What was the thing to make the log buffer larger?
16:03 imirkin: log_buf_len=10M or something?
16:03 DrNefario: Yep, thanks
16:03 imirkin: only K/M/G suffixes supported... so if you want 1T you'll have to say 1000G :(
16:04 DrNefario: lol
16:05 DrNefario: Here's the video if you want to watch https://imgur.com/Q7VpGu0
16:08 imirkin: looks pretty picture-perfect
16:12 DrNefario: Another log for you: https://termbin.com/3hbbw
16:12 DrNefario: It goes on for a lot longer but it wouldn't let me upload that many lines
16:13 imirkin: should be good
16:13 imirkin: lets have al ook
16:14 imirkin: I2C nack?
16:14 imirkin: wtf.
16:16 imirkin: also where on earth is that 1680x1050 mode coming from
16:16 imirkin: oh, from DP-2
16:16 imirkin: you lied - you said the other monitor wasn't plugged in
16:17 imirkin: could you unplug it and grab another log? that way i don't have to worry about whether log lines are from one or another
16:18 DrNefario: Oh crap you're right, it is plugged in. Sorry
16:22 DrNefario: https://termbin.com/zab0
16:28 imirkin: so it reads DPCD just fine...
16:29 imirkin: <7>[ 354.501604] [drm:drm_dp_dpcd_access [drm_kms_helper]] sor-0006-0f44: Too many retries, giving up. First error: -6
16:29 imirkin: i got nothin', sorry
16:29 imirkin: Lyude: maybe you know --^
16:29 imirkin: it reads DPCD just fine, but can't get EDID
16:30 imirkin: i know there was some drama at some point with 0-sized requests
16:30 imirkin: ooh
16:30 imirkin: DrNefario: try adding nouveau.config=NvI2C=1
16:31 DrNefario: Sure, gimme a sec
16:38 DrNefario: The screen still went black but the logs seem different https://termbin.com/9489
16:42 imirkin: ok. can you change the nouveau.debug argument to include a ,i2c=trace to it?
16:42 imirkin: (sorry for these piecemeal instructions ... i haven't debugged something like this in a while)
16:46 DrNefario: No worries, I know hard debugging can be
16:47 imirkin: also, i don't think i'll be able to provide you with anything to fix this
16:47 imirkin: just gain some more insight into what's going wrong
16:48 imirkin: the newer the chip, the less i know about its modesetting stuff
16:49 DrNefario: https://termbin.com/dblb
16:49 DrNefario: Nvidia really is the worst when it comes to open source
16:50 imirkin: hrmph
16:50 imirkin: take that log
16:51 imirkin: and open a bug at gitlab.freedesktop.org/drm/nouveau
16:51 imirkin: and attach that log
16:55 DrNefario: Should I remove all the stuff before nouveau is started?
16:55 imirkin: nah
17:00 DrNefario: What should the title and type be?
17:01 imirkin: there are types?
17:01 imirkin: title can be like "TU104: error fetching EDID over DP"
17:01 DrNefario: The type can be issue or incident
17:01 imirkin: i think that just drives the template
17:02 DrNefario: Ah ok
17:04 imirkin: in the meanwhile you can just force-feed it an edid
17:04 imirkin: you won't get the fancy modes
17:04 imirkin: but should be able to drive it at the usual 1920x1080
17:04 imirkin: you can do this by adding
17:05 imirkin: you can generate the firmware from the Documentation/EDID directory in the kernel source
17:05 imirkin: dumping it into /lib/firwmare
17:06 imirkin: and then adding like drm.edid=DP-1:1920x1080.bin
17:06 imirkin: er
17:06 imirkin: drm.edid_firmware=...
17:07 DrNefario: I see, thanks for the help. I'll try that after I get some sleep though, it's 3AM here lol