22:45 StackDoubleFlow: Hello
22:45 StackDoubleFlow: It seems the pscnv wiki links are broken, does anybody know where I would be able to find them?
22:45 StackDoubleFlow: I'd like to try dipping my toes into NV140 Power Management, but I have almost no clue how to get started
22:53 pabs: you might be able to find them on archive.org
23:52 StackDoubleFlow: pabs: it looks like most information wasn't archived there
23:53 pabs: you might need to independently rediscover and redocument the info then
23:55 StackDoubleFlow: ah I was hoping someone may have a backup
23:56 pabs: ok, just found out the link by grepping the wiki
23:59 pabs: since it is on github, there may be a copy on https://www.softwareheritage.org/
23:59 pabs: or one of the various github archiving services