05:09 mupuf: Lyude: you're welcome. I was very pleasantly surprised, and the review wasn't painful at all :)
11:30 damo22: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: NVIDIA Corporation GF106GLM [Quadro 2000M] [10de:0dda] (rev a1)
11:30 damo22: does that have signed fw?
11:31 kherbst: no
11:31 damo22: i tried discrete-only and it would not display anything, luckily i could pull the cmos battery and revert to integrated
11:32 kherbst: weird..
11:32 kherbst: if even the firmware can't display stuff, maybe something is up with the GPU
11:32 damo22: now i have dual and it detects the nv but displays on the intel
11:32 kherbst: or discrete mode is just broken
11:32 kherbst: damo22: so?
11:32 kherbst: the ports are all hard wired usually
11:32 damo22: so i can compute on it with opencl
11:32 damo22: :D
11:32 kherbst: you can also use it for GL
11:32 damo22: one day
11:33 damo22: yeah i have coreboot, discrete mode is probably borked
11:33 kherbst: ahh, that could explain it
11:34 damo22: im happy to use it without a display
11:34 kherbst: well with DRI_PRIME=1 you can use it with GL, but performance won't be great anyway
11:35 damo22: ok
11:49 imirkin: no reclocking on fermi
11:49 imirkin: and mobile fermi's probably come up in a lower pstate