15:54 ullbeking: 04:57 <damo22> ullbeking: i use a sandy/ivy bridge desktop as a media server, the intel card works fine rendering HD video from a tv card
15:54 ullbeking: 04:57 <damo22> also has coreboot support
15:54 ullbeking: which board is this? are you referring to a board that coreboot has been ported to AND has an iGPU whose graphics output can be rendered by a supported tvcard?
15:55 ullbeking: i'd never considered a tv card in the mix within all of this until now...
17:36 ullbeking: imirkin: damo22: is there a project to develop Intel iGPU's? Or is this all in the kernel upstream?
17:37 imirkin: kernel / mesa upstream yea
17:37 imirkin: they have a company team supporting it all
17:43 ullbeking: i run debian. does that mean i need to enable non-free to get 3d accel, etc.?
17:44 imirkin: pretty sure this is #nouveau
17:44 imirkin: i don't see a "debian" or "intel" in the name...
17:58 ullbeking: imirkin: ok. can you recommend a channel where upstream linux code and docs are discussed? #kernelnewbies? #mesa-something? #something-something?
17:58 ullbeking: please?
17:58 imirkin: if you're looking for info on debian, presumably #debian?
17:58 imirkin: just a guess.
18:00 ullbeking: they are not so great with this stuff, i'm often disappointed, which is a mean thing to say. but i don't often get good info from there even though one expects that to be the first point of call. investigation often start there, and then stop.
18:01 ullbeking: Although now I now to search for "Mesa"
18:01 ullbeking: So thx
20:40 FLHerne: ullbeking: Either #dri-devel or #intel-3d
20:41 ullbeking: Thank you FLHerne !!
22:00 damo22: ullbeking: yes
22:01 damo22: i ported the first desktop sandy bridge gigabyte mobos to coreboot
22:03 damo22: but im interested in NV + free software at the moment
22:04 damo22: hopefully they are not completely unusable due to hardware crypto locking
22:05 damo22: otherwise, someone will need to pull a rabbit out of their hat
22:07 damo22: three cheers for the nouveau devs!
22:57 salawat: Howdy folks! I was thumbing through IRC logs the other day, and saw damo22 was heading down a similar line of thinking that I was reasoning from the form of the firmware signature to trying to figure out the particular cryptosystem employed for the signature generation.
22:59 salawat: I've been miffed at my GTX970 and how it seems every time I try to dig into how to actually utilize the thing in an interesting way, I keep running into tge same stumbling blocks.
23:10 salawat: Just figured I'd chime in, because I've been thinking based on the code and how most cryptosystems work, if it's based on asymmetric crypto, the public key for nvidia would have to be baked into the blob somewhere, and there'd have to be a private key value baked somewhere into the processor. I've been running the firmware through an asn1parser to see if I can find anything like a DER encoded key... Not much promising as of yet, which i
23:46 FLHerne: salawat: Interesting, but DMCA anti-circumvention stuff might be a problem even in the unlikely event that works
23:48 FLHerne: (i.e. it would be illegal for freedesktop.org or other US-based projects/org to distribute any solution based on it)
23:59 salawat: Frankly, I'm more interestrmed in characterizing the issue.
23:59 salawat: interested*