00:25 damo22: http://zamaudio.com/mbox2/nva0.rom
00:26 damo22: GTX 280
00:30 dviola: damo22: thanks
04:03 damo22: imirkin: i cant seem to access freedesktop : nouveau/nouveau_vbios_trace im logged in as a gitlab user but it seems like your projects are mostly hidden except the main wiki
04:03 damo22: just in case you didnt know that
04:09 damo22: eg, this is what i see https://i.paste.pics/BMELW.png
09:18 damo22: does anyone know much about the cryptography used in the hardware to stop users changing the clock speeds or is that a sensitive topic?
09:21 damo22: for example, in the intel management engine, there is a RSA 2048 signature stored in the firmware that has to be verified against the public key in the firmware, but there is also a copy of the public key in the hardware to check that the public key was the same one(s) from the factory
09:21 HdkR: Yep, same idea
09:21 HdkR: Hardware rejects any firmware that isn't signed
09:21 damo22: is it asymmetric?
09:22 damo22: ie, 2 keys?
09:22 HdkR: Should be
09:22 damo22: i know, but if its not, i will be more interested
09:26 damo22: or if its not implemented correctly, there will be a way to sign your own
14:00 imirkin: damo22: i knew it, but forgot it. sorry
14:11 imirkin: airlied: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/xorg/driver/xf86-video-nouveau/-/merge_requests/1 -- can you confirm whether this is still necessary, and what xorg release this will be needed for?
19:24 airlied: imirkin: it's necessary for xorg master which will never get released
19:25 imirkin: airlied: cool
19:25 imirkin: so if i merge it and don't do a release, all will be well :)
19:26 airlied: imirkin: pretyt much
19:26 imirkin: since the people who use xorg-git will be able to compile it, and the people who don't won't care
19:27 orbea: gentoo has no 9999 ebuild for xf86-video-nouveau.
19:27 imirkin: someone who cares could request it
19:28 imirkin: (i am not such a person)
19:28 orbea: same...
19:28 kherbst: orbea: not even in the x11 overly?
19:28 orbea: idk where that is
19:28 imirkin: and i see no reason to bug matt with it, who has enough things to worry about