03:46 endrift: Hmm, does anyone know what PCI IDs an RTX 3060 Ti would have? I want to pass mine to VFIO but I don't want to have to reboot twice, once to check the IDs, once to add them to the kernel config
03:46 endrift: My best guess is ids=10de:2486,10de:228b
03:46 endrift: but the Turing card this is replacing had four endpoints, did they get rid of the USB controller in Ampere?
03:47 imirkin: endrift: check pci.ids?
03:47 endrift: It's not plugged into anything yet
03:47 imirkin: pci.ids is a file on the filesystem
03:47 endrift: is there some online database?
03:47 endrift: oh, hm
03:48 imirkin: which is a download of this guy: https://pci-ids.ucw.cz/
03:48 imirkin: this is all nvidia devices in the database: https://pci-ids.ucw.cz/read/PC/10de
03:48 imirkin: it would seem that 2486 is a good guess.
03:48 endrift: I think the page I grabbed the IDs from above is a mirror of that page
03:49 imirkin: 228b is the audio controller to pass through
03:49 endrift: (pciids.sourceforge.net/pci.ids)
03:49 endrift: yep that was the second one I had on that list
03:49 endrift: I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing any, since as I said the card this is replacing had 4 IDs
03:49 imirkin: but this list is not 100% complete, esp for new devices
03:49 imirkin: there may also be a usb-c controller thing
03:49 imirkin: dunno what a 4th function would be
03:50 endrift: I looked them up and the 3rd and 4th functions were both USB related
03:50 imirkin: ah yeah, the TU10x's have usb 3.1 host controller and UCSI controller
03:50 imirkin: that's not reported for GA10x on that page
03:50 imirkin: but might exist
03:50 endrift: exactly
03:51 endrift: hmm
03:51 imirkin: afaik the usb-c stuff is gone though
03:51 endrift: well I guess this is the best I can tell until I plug the card in
03:51 imirkin: does that board have a usb-c thingie?
03:51 endrift: I seemed to recall hearing that yeah
03:51 endrift: the card is with my server in another room
03:51 endrift: I would have to go check
03:51 endrift: at this point I'll just shut down and try it with this config though
03:52 imirkin: not exactly 100% reliable, but: https://www.tweaktown.com/news/74978/geforce-rtx-30-doesnt-include-usb-port-because-virtuallink-is-dead/index.html
03:53 HdkR: usb-c is gone on Ampere cards
03:53 HdkR: Meanwhile AMD RX 6000 series added them
03:53 endrift: heh
03:53 endrift: the market amirite
03:53 imirkin: lol
04:17 endrift: ok it enumerated to exactly those two IDs
04:17 endrift: and no more
06:05 imirkin: AndrewR: i just pushed a slightly modified commit to revert the fence thing at https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa/-/commit/40b6a68e3317452ea58ac46d3592658caab9f90c.patch
06:05 imirkin: can you double-check that this also solves your problem?
07:11 AndrewR: imirkin, rebuilding mesa, will hopefully tell you about patch in ~30 min
08:05 AndrewR: imirkin, welcome back. patch seems to work (I installed mesa over, but w/o X restart)
09:11 powerman2206: Hey so uh
09:11 powerman2206: I had some Nouveau Vulkan drivers on Arch before I did a fucky and reinstalled
09:12 powerman2206: Need them for waifu2x-ncnn-vulkan
09:12 powerman2206: But now I can't find them
09:12 powerman2206: tbh I don't even know if they were Nouveau drivers, but they couldn't be the proprietary Nvidia stuff because I use Wayland
09:14 powerman2206: And waifu2x defaults to lavapipe Vulkan, which is basically Vulkan for CPUs
09:14 powerman2206: And it's super slow
09:28 HdkR: There isn't a Nouveau Vulkan driver
09:28 powerman2206: Eh? How did I do it before-
09:28 powerman2206: I am confusion
12:54 powerman2206: Eh?
12:55 powerman2206: I left because of a ping timeout
12:55 powerman2206: Wacky
12:56 ccr: using vulkan on nouveau just falls back to software aka lavapipe
12:56 powerman2206: Yeah but like
12:56 powerman2206: I have no idea how I did it before
12:56 ccr: time travel?
12:57 ccr: used NVidia binary blob?
12:57 powerman2206: I'm sure it's possible because I remember being very surprised that it worked
12:57 powerman2206: No
12:57 powerman2206: Told you, Wayland
12:57 ccr: well, must be time travel then, because there's no vulkan support at the moment.
12:58 powerman2206: Then I am confusion again
12:58 ccr: (apart from automatically falling back to lavapipe)
13:15 HdkR: Technically Nvidia supports Wayland. You just need to use one of the few compositors that support eglstreams, or use purely surfaceless
13:15 powerman2206: I know
13:15 powerman2206: But that's cringe
13:16 HdkR: kwin supported it :P
13:16 HdkR: and I think there was some initial support in gnome...?
14:19 karolherbst: HdkR: still doesn't work with X applications
14:20 HdkR: Very true
15:01 ripper: Hello everybody
15:07 ripper: i wanted to install the nvidia driver on my system but unforunately couldn't do it.in the way of installation
15:07 ripper: i had to disable/blacklist my nouveau driver
15:07 ripper: so now i can't reach it and want to get it back to work again
15:08 ripper: i searched a lot but couldn't find a proper help to do that .Could you please help me?
16:19 imirkin: AndrewR: thanks for checking!