12:27 m][sko: Hi. Anybodu can help with nouveau on ARM base board ? We end up on raspberry pi on this place https://github.com/geerlingguy/raspberry-pi-pcie-devices/issues/26 and on amlogic(khadas VIM3 board) like this https://discuss.96boards.org/t/how-to-make-nvidia-or-amd-gfx-card-work-on-arm-based-boards/10448/20
15:04 imirkin: grrrr
15:04 imirkin: some other core update is breaking user vbufs
15:04 imirkin: repros in sway again, but i'm sure there's other ways
15:04 imirkin: sigh
15:20 imirkin: looks like we're getting user buffers with buffer.user == NULL, which never happened before
16:28 karolherbst: imirkin: yep
16:28 imirkin: i have a fix
16:28 imirkin: testing it out first
16:28 karolherbst: cool
16:43 imirkin: KHR-GL33 ran fine on the G84
16:43 imirkin: now checking KHR-GL45 on pascal
16:44 imirkin: should be enough of a test
16:44 imirkin: change located at https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa/-/merge_requests/8882
16:57 karolherbst: imirkin: maybe you can use u_bit_consecutive :)
16:58 imirkin: didn't know about that one
16:58 karolherbst: yeah, me neither
16:58 karolherbst: I saw it in the iris patch fixing the same commit :p
21:30 imirkin: karolherbst: btw, i updated that change to use u_bit_consecutive
21:30 imirkin: lmk if that still looks good
21:30 imirkin: i retested, seems fine
21:34 karolherbst: imirkin: yeah, looks good
21:34 imirkin: kk
22:07 KungFuJesus: imirkin: any new kernel patches for me to try yet? :)
22:07 imirkin: sorry, no
22:07 KungFuJesus: :(
22:36 Lyude: which issue is this btw?
22:37 imirkin: Lyude: what is 'this'?
22:37 Lyude: imirkin: what KungFuJesus was asking about
22:37 imirkin: o
22:37 Lyude: (mostly just curious)
22:37 imirkin: i was going to try to convert dispnv04 to the "new" big endian stuff
22:37 Lyude: ahhh
22:37 imirkin: however when i looked at the details
22:37 imirkin: it appeared to be deeply lacking
22:38 imirkin: i.e. it only works for rgba8
22:47 imirkin: emersion: now all you need is to get the one person who matters to review that change ;)
22:48 emersion: ahah
22:48 imirkin: who will say "go back to the first version" undoubtedly ;)
22:49 imirkin: (jk ... ben's pretty chill with this stuff)
22:49 emersion: lol
22:49 emersion: btw, what would be the best way to discuss with them? they don't seem active on IRC
22:49 imirkin: step 1: move to australia
22:50 emersion: oh, that doesn't help indeed
22:50 imirkin: ben's on the east coast of australia
22:50 imirkin: and works "regular" daytime hours, on average
22:51 imirkin: there were years when he was doing nouveau 24/7, but i think those are well past
23:04 Lyude: skeggsb: ^
23:05 Lyude: also imirkin they still more or less work entirely on nouveau during their job :P
23:05 imirkin: yeah i understand that
23:05 imirkin: but i think for a time ben was doing a lot more than committing regular 'day job' effort towards nouveau
23:06 Lyude: oh yeah i get what you mean
23:07 imirkin: emersion: btw, you'll be happy to know that sway / wlroots helped me notice another (recently introduced) bug in nouveau.
23:07 imirkin: all good now
23:07 skeggsb:is here atm
23:08 imirkin: skeggsb: hopefully you don't disagree with my characterisation ... emersion has a patch on nouveau@ for you when you get to it.
23:09 skeggsb: it really depends, but yes, at some point i did find a more sustainable life balance :P
23:12 imirkin: yeah ... the 24/7 thing, while sometimes fun, is really not sustainable
23:24 RSpliet: tends to be sustainable as long as it's fun, but there's always a point where it stops being fun
23:24 imirkin: nah, it's unsustainable even while it's fun
23:25 imirkin: you just don't realize it :)
23:25 RSpliet: I think the "realising" part is usually the part where it stops being fun :-P
23:26 RSpliet: although there's something around other responsibilities like partners and/or children.... meh, hate it when the world isn't straightforward!
23:28 imirkin: yes. something.
23:37 emersion: eh, 24/7, i feel you. yeah, please stay healthy :)
23:38 emersion: i guess wlroots is a nice test case then :P at least it's not a wlroots bug this time!
23:43 Lyude: just wait until we have igt working :)
23:44 imirkin: emersion: yeah, it's the only software foolish enough to use client-side vbo's :)
23:45 emersion: ahah
23:46 emersion: there's weston-simple-dmabuf-egl, but yeah, wayland
23:46 emersion: xwayland may count, but also wayland
23:47 emersion: ah, and no fbos in there i suppose
23:48 emersion: Lyude: are we still far off igt for nouveau?
23:49 imirkin: well, it's all fbo's internally