00:04 imirkin: writing into the pushbuf is free
00:04 imirkin: the pushbuf is in gart (except for pascal iirc?)
00:04 Lyude: imirkin: yeah - which is why it's so bizarre it's taking that long........
00:04 imirkin: (ok, not _free_, but ... cheap)
00:05 Lyude: imirkin: this -is- pascal, lemme check the code for that. although i'd kinda expect vram to be faster for using in that case, unless something else is somehow keeping the gpu busy
00:05 imirkin: oh. well then you're writing to vram
00:05 imirkin: which is a pci bus away
00:07 Lyude: I think the next time I hit this I'll just have to start ftracing things and see what's taking so long
00:08 imirkin: i don't think ftrace can help here
00:08 imirkin: this is writing to "memory"
00:08 imirkin: which is backed by vram
00:10 Lyude: imirkin: why not? it'd mostly be to figure out if the most time is actually being spent writing to vram, or if it's being spent elsewhere. which is kinda what i'm curious about, because something else I realized (as this has happened in the past when I accidentally slowed down dmesg with debugging output, e.g. by turning on debug stuff in nouveau with a serial console enabled) is that it could
00:10 Lyude: actually be printing to dmesg that's causing the delays here
00:11 imirkin: ok
00:11 imirkin: fair enough
00:11 Lyude: welcome to the fun of igt :)
00:11 Lyude: hitting all of the weirdest bugs
00:12 RSpliet: QA \o/
10:47 orly_owl: which one is 'NVA0 (GT200)' on this page? https://nouveau.freedesktop.org/FeatureMatrix.html
10:53 Moiman: orly_owl: https://nouveau.freedesktop.org/CodeNames.html
11:03 orly_owl: Moiman: yep, i have a GeForce GTX 275, which is NVA0 (GT200). But NVA0 isn't on https://nouveau.freedesktop.org/FeatureMatrix.html
11:06 orly_owl: so yeah...
11:23 Moiman: it clearly says that it is part of NV50 family (Tesla)
11:27 orly_owl: oh it falls under 'GeForce 200' as its GeForce 275, ok
11:27 orly_owl: thanks
11:27 orly_owl: i did ^f GeForce 275, so i didnt see that
18:52 emersion: hm, i get a crash in ttm_bo_release, is this a known issue?
18:59 imirkin: there's been lots of messing with tto lately. but i'm not directly aware of such an issue.
18:59 imirkin: ttm*
23:26 imirkin: emersion: can you link to the program you were having trouble with with nouveau draws crashing?
23:26 imirkin: i forget the details, but iirc you were just doing glDrawArrays from client buffers
23:49 emersion: imirkin: yeah https://github.com/swaywm/wlroots/blob/9e98f497af38852bdfffa93aa3fe014f6c6a72e4/render/gles2/renderer.c#L247
23:49 emersion: you can reproduce by compiling sway/wlroots latest commits, then starting it from a tty with mesa master
23:49 emersion: https://github.com/swaywm/sway/wiki/Development-Setup
23:50 imirkin: ok. i tried doing something similar but it didn't trigger the issue
23:50 emersion: i haven't tried to reduce the test case, nor i have tried something else than running from a tty
23:50 imirkin: but frankly i don't see what you're doing that'd be materially different from my test-case
23:51 imirkin: anyways, i'll poke around
23:51 imirkin: no need to do anything on your end
23:51 imirkin: just wanted to see the original code
23:51 imirkin: not sure i'll get to actually trying to run sway -- does it support a "hosted" mode in an x11 window?
23:52 imirkin: (sort of like xvfb)
23:53 emersion: yes
23:53 emersion: just run it with DISPLAY set and it'll run nested
23:55 imirkin: ah cool
23:55 imirkin: but still use gbm/whatever for rendering right?
23:55 emersion: it will still allocate via GBM, and still use GLES2 for rendering, just like when running via DRM
23:55 imirkin: cool
23:55 imirkin: and then just like dump out that data and call XPutImage or equivalent
23:56 emersion: and then use DRI3 + Present to show the buffer
23:56 imirkin: ooooh
23:56 imirkin: fancy.
23:56 imirkin: k, i'll give it a whirl then
23:56 emersion: yeah, we wanted our X11 and Wayland backends to work just like the DRM one
23:57 emersion: using a wlroots meson subproject as indicated by the wiki page should make compilation easy once the deps are available
23:58 emersion: also, no need to actually install anything, it should just run fine from the build dir
23:58 emersion: feel free to poke me if you run into any issue
23:58 imirkin: right, will do
23:58 imirkin: [510/510] Linking target sway/sway
23:58 imirkin: that was fast
23:58 emersion: eh :)
23:59 imirkin: compared to e.g. mesa
23:59 imirkin: which takes like 10 mins
23:59 imirkin: uhm, so, briefly, how do i run it so that it does the thing you said?
23:59 imirkin: just like ./build/bin/sway and that's it?
23:59 imirkin: (since DISPLAY is in my env already)