18:56 greg904: Lyude: hello, on what version of the kernel should I apply the patch that you made for the DPCD backlight support for nouveau?
19:00 Lyude: greg904: latest from master or drm-tip I think
19:36 karolherbst: bencoh: you had this runtime pm problem on your macbook, right? Did you or I ever send out a patch adding your pci id to the list? and are you confident enough that it actually helps?
19:52 greg904: Lyude: I tried the patch and I can change the brightness on my laptop now, it's great!
19:57 Lyude: greg904: awesome! glad to hear it
21:20 bencoh: karolherbst: hey! I didn't send it back then, but I'm pretty confident that it does help, considering how long I've been running with it
21:21 bencoh: did anyone report a similar issue recently?
23:44 karolherbst: bencoh: no, I was just thinking about it randomly