00:01 RSpliet: SolarAquarion: as a general word of caution, just bear in mind that that blob is 100MiB+. There's a good chance that there's random binary sequences in there that happen to match known magic strings just by coincidence
00:03 RSpliet: I appreciate your search and ain't saying you shouldn't carry on! But NVIDIA already tried the simple obfuscation thing of GZing and then throwing away the header. They might have tried something more sophisticated than you'd find just with looking at it with a bin walker or a hex editor
00:07 RSpliet: You may be bashing your head against the wall for a long time before you succeed is all I'm saying, and it'll require some perseverance. I've not had that level of determination, so won't be of too much help
00:12 SolarAquarion: RSpliet: would IDA be of any help
00:12 imirkin: well, tbh i dunno that they were *obfuscating* with the headerless gzip things
00:12 imirkin: but definitely made it slightly harder to find
00:14 RSpliet: SolarAquarion: tempting, but the legality of such binary disassembly is questionable, and has been avoided to avoid tainting the project
00:14 SolarAquarion: gotcha
00:49 rmrf: What is the graphics card that can run without the need of any blobs, including firmware blobs?
00:53 imirkin: none made by nvidia.
00:55 HdkR: Mali 400 ;)
00:55 imirkin: i don't know that i'd qualify that as a graphcis *card*
00:57 rmrf: How about this, the fastest card that is compatible with distros like Parabola
00:58 rmrf: I want OpenGL performance while also being "free"
00:58 imirkin: probably ask in a parabola-related support channel?
01:00 rmrf: Pointed me to h-node.org which talks about what cards work, but not the performance
01:07 SolarAquarion: rmrf: probably would be intel
01:09 SolarAquarion: even, then, would still need firmware stuff
01:12 ccr: I'm not 100% certain, but I think intel dGPUs work without the firmare loaded. automatic loading of the firmwares was disabled in kernel for a long time, iirc.
01:12 ccr: of course you lose some functionality without the blobs
01:15 SolarAquarion: yeah, i guess the intel stuff are good
01:16 airlied: there is no intel dGPU available yet
01:16 ccr: sorry, I meant iGPU of course
01:17 ccr: no idea if those Xe things will absolutely require a blob or not
01:17 airlied: mine seems to start without one
01:17 ccr: cool.
01:18 SolarAquarion: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/products/processors/core/i9-processors/i9-10900.html
01:18 SolarAquarion: not yet at least
01:18 SolarAquarion: the current one is the UHD Graphics 630 afaik
01:19 SolarAquarion: huh
01:20 SolarAquarion: Intel GPU's sounds interesting
01:20 SolarAquarion: >o enthusiast/high performance gaming (Xe-HPG)
01:20 SolarAquarion: Intel has the best support for Linux, which is a given
01:21 SolarAquarion: thankfully
01:21 RSpliet: Time to raise the bar
01:22 RSpliet: Anyway, NVIDIA GPUs use some firmwares for power management, video decoding and context switching of the 2D/3D engine. Without the latter, it'll just display stuff and nothing else.
01:23 SolarAquarion: I'm using nouveau for Kepler, which doesn't have Video Decoding and currently the Nvidia driver isn't functioning the best for some reason
01:23 SolarAquarion: yeah NV132
01:24 RSpliet: NV132 is not Kepler.
01:24 SolarAquarion: woops
01:24 SolarAquarion: i meant pascal
01:25 RSpliet: At least NVIDIA released some redistributable firmwares for Pascal to do 2D/3D rendering. It's not OSS, but it does what it needs to do.
01:26 SolarAquarion: but not Hardware Accelerated Video stuff
01:28 rmrf: I'm on a corebooted Thinkpad X200, the iGPU does work without blobs but its too weak. It can barely play 1080p60 videos
01:28 SolarAquarion: amd is sort of there, but not
01:28 rmrf: and the max supported OpenGL version is 2.1
01:29 rmrf: Most OpenGL stuff nowadays requires at least 3.0
01:31 imirkin: i believe the linux-libre kernel works with kepler (i.e. GTX 6xx and 7xx)
01:31 rmrf: I can also use my Thinkpad T440p for graphical performance but it requires a tiny bit of Intel ME even when corebooted, so its freedumbs
01:31 imirkin: the highest-end such board is the GTX 780 Ti
01:31 rmrf: *not freedumbs
01:32 rmrf: I'm unsure about the AMD/ATI side
01:33 rmrf: I believe they're not compatible with linux-libre, but I heard some cards can but I'm not aware how far back those are and whether if they are faster than nouveau counterparts
10:15 ccr: hmm.
15:33 SolarAquarion: there isn't much support for pascal in envytools and whatever
15:50 SolarAquarion: i need to use valgrind mmt with nvidia proprietary driver?
17:46 SolarAquarion: scanner.go works, found all the things
17:46 SolarAquarion: but, it may just be the first acts
18:10 SolarAquarion: imirkin: scanner.go worked, now to figure out what's next