06:17 sleepymario: hello, i need a gpu, preferably without firmware and such, and with as low energy use as possible, it's for a homeserver basically, and preferably using nouveau if it's nvidia actually. What would be a recommended GPU for this usecase?
06:20 HdkR: aspeed server GPUs :)
06:28 airlied: not much p in an aspeed
08:10 sleepymario: something for pcs though? what gen nvidia stuff doesn't need firmware?
08:10 sleepymario: i don't care about 3D accel at all ofc, it just needs to work and be low power
08:19 airlied: I think gtx710 is around the spot now
12:44 karolherbst: sleepymario: why not just a CPU with a GPU?
12:45 sleepymario: @karolherbst it's kinda slow, and i have a faster CPU, but without a GPU
12:45 karolherbst: ahh