01:17 marshmellow: hello.. is the xorg.conf file mentioned in docs still relevant with KMS on a modern ubuntu
01:40 gnarface: marshmellow: relevant but no longer required
01:41 gnarface: marshmellow: you're now allowed to supply only partial bits of the config, and everything is supposed to auto-detect correctly now, so you should only have to specify things when auto-detect fails or when you need some customization
01:42 marshmellow: gnarface: ohh ok thank you. so i want to compile my own nouveau and get X to use it - so in that case just adding the "minimal 4 line xorg.conf" should do it?
01:45 gnarface: marshmellow: yea, probably. if the nvidia official binary drivers are installed too you'll have to blacklist them as well to prevent them from loading first
01:45 gnarface: marshmellow: (it might be easier in the long run to just uninstall them if you don't plan on using them)
01:46 gnarface: marshmellow: (ubuntu may be smart enough to do that step for you now, i don't know)
01:48 marshmellow: gnarface: yeah i am trying to learn more about nouveau.. i blacklisted nvidia sucessfully i think (they are built-in kernel modules for me, so i blacklisted at boot time and checked dmesg logs), but then my framebuffer console thing was just black
01:48 marshmellow: gnarface: so i am more intesreted in the X part, so i thought maybe its worth trying this - even if framebuffer drivers dont work i dont care as long as X loads