00:12 daddesio: So, Lattice Semiconductor just added a new clause to their FPGA SDK: "No right is granted for reverse-engineering a bit stream format or other signaling protocol of any Lattice Semiconductor Corporation programmable logic device." https://twitter.com/fpga_dave/status/1268497428501725184
00:12 daddesio: as in, they not only forbid reverse-engineering the software, they forbid "using" the software to reverse-engineer the bitstream format of their FPGAs.
00:14 ericonr: what does that gain them? I doubt commercial costumers are using the open source toolchain
00:14 gnarface: not enforceable anywhere it matters so who cares
00:15 ericonr: oh, according to the tweet there are commercial users
00:15 gnarface: oh, well they could probably enforce it on the commercial users just by canceling service contracts
00:15 gnarface: but they can't legally stop reverse-engineering efforts
06:14 marshmellow99: hi folks. im trying to get started with developing on nouveau, and as a first step am trying to boot with my own compiled nouveau drivers.
06:14 marshmellow99: i went throug the troubleshooting. i have nvidia blacklisted correctly, however my pc does not show any X or virtual terminals on boot
06:15 marshmellow99: dmesg shows this error from nouveau --6.419424] nouveau 0000:29:00.0: disp: outp 03:0006:0f44: training failed204245 Jun 4 23:02:22 pop-os kernel: [ 6.428964] nouveau 0000:29:00.0: disp: outp 03:0006:0f44: link rate unsupported by sink
06:15 marshmellow99: could anyone point me to what might be wrong?
12:33 mmu_man: hmm, back to square one, still randon hangs, specially after boot
16:52 AexisTenax: ok hello