01:43 shadow: imirkin: is there some kind of hack or workaround I should try to get that fancy external monitor working with nouveau? anything more information needed from me?
01:45 imirkin: what was your issue? G92 with DP and fancy new monitor, right?
01:45 imirkin: (sorry, i lose track quickly)
01:45 shadow: imirkin: yes, rates too high or something
01:45 imirkin: right ok
01:46 imirkin: i mean, someone needs to take a careful look at wtf is going on
01:46 imirkin: IN THEORY we should be rejecting the high modes
01:46 imirkin: also as RSpliet points out, the depth should not be set on pre-G94
01:46 imirkin: shadow: so basically you need some patches
01:46 shadow: imirkin: ok
01:46 imirkin: are you a developer by any chance?
01:47 shadow: imirkin: I can compile and try stuff, my understanding of code is like sysadmin level not coder
01:47 imirkin: hm ok
01:47 imirkin: i was going to suggest you try to do it yourself, but might not be your thing
10:45 RSpliet: shadow: Yeah, sorry, this isn't the kind of patch you'll find on stackexchange.
10:47 RSpliet: I asked one of the devs to keep these bugs on their visor. Shouldn't be tricky to fix, but there's a general lack of peoplepower on the team.
16:55 shadow: RSpliet: thank you :)
19:37 urkk: Hi, I'm attempting to perform a git bisect to find the pm bad commit
19:37 shadow::)
19:37 urkk: but I'm unable to compile the kernel with gcc 10
19:38 urkk: first time here
19:38 urkk: I assume I can reuse the previous compilation, so I don't need make clean or dist clean
19:39 shadow: urkk: hang around for a couple of days, there's a few devs checking in here or there, also the bug tracker seems broken
19:39 urkk: I'm now at c2d56897819338eb0ba8b93184f7d10329b36653, and fails with: /usr/bin/ld: scripts/dtc/dtc-parser.tab.o:(.bss+0x20): multiple definition of `yylloc'; scripts/dtc/dtc-lexer.lex.o:(.bss+0x0): first defined here
19:40 urkk: shadow: Sure :)
19:40 urkk: just in case you know some tips
19:41 shadow: urkk: I'm quite good at sysadmin and not much else ;)
19:42 Conmanx360: urkk: Was the previous compile with gcc 10?
19:43 urkk: Conmanx360: Last successful was 5.7rc7
19:44 urkk: This is the first one with bisect
19:44 Conmanx360: Right, you mentioned reusing the previous compilation, was the previous compilation with gcc 10?
19:44 urkk: yes
19:45 urkk: related? https://bugs.gentoo.org/706660
19:45 Conmanx360: That looks like the same issue that you're experiencing
19:47 Conmanx360: You may have to apply that patch on each commit if you're compiling with gcc 10, but the smart people here may have a better way of doing it
19:47 urkk: I was testing with: make bzImage modules V=1 CFLAGS=-fcommon
19:48 urkk: But make ignores my CFLAGS :(
19:58 urkk: "Fixed" with: make V=1 HOSTCFLAGS=-fcommon bzImage modules