15:16 linkmauve: “18:21:35 imirkin> i guess depends on resolution”, resolution was approximately 640×480.
15:17 linkmauve: GameCube games like to use weirder resolutions, but this is the ballpack.
15:17 imirkin: linkmauve: ok, so not 4k, not scaled up, etc?
15:19 linkmauve: Nope.
15:20 linkmauve: Given the dmabuf has to be copied over to the Intel GPU for compositing anyway (apparently it can’t do scanout from Nouveau dmabufs) I wanted to see performances as raw as possible.
15:20 imirkin: sounds like a fair test
15:20 linkmauve: It’s still copying around 70 MiB/s.
15:21 imirkin: that's ~nothing
15:21 imirkin: 1 lane's worth
15:21 linkmauve: Yeah.
15:21 linkmauve: But given the discussion about memory speeds, it might still be relevant.
15:22 imirkin: you could hook up display to nvidia, i suppose
15:22 imirkin: and do the reverse test =]
15:22 linkmauve: Also it scales a lot based on the content, so probably it’s the “doing work” part which is slow on the Nouveau GPU.
15:22 linkmauve: No, when I do that I can’t achieve anything but `modetest -r`, weston stays black, and kmscube displays a few blinking lines at the top of the screen.
15:23 linkmauve: fbcon also works though.
15:24 linkmauve: Displaying the intro video (decoding on the emulated PPC CPU, on the CPU, then sent as a ~640×480 quad) is going at like 300 fps, but rendering the spaceship of the intro sequence drops to 36~40fps.
15:25 linkmauve: Displaying the skybox goes up to like 100fps.
15:28 linkmauve: I guess I could make it so Dolphin doen’t present its rendering window so that no copy to Intel happens.
15:29 imirkin: i wouldn't worry about it
15:29 imirkin: i trust you
15:29 imirkin: intel > nvidia
15:29 linkmauve: ^^'
15:30 linkmauve: This was meant to be a computer for gaming. :<
15:31 imirkin: thank you for choosing nvidia. we realize you have a choice of gpu vendors, and you appear to have chosen poorly.
15:31 linkmauve: Maybe I really should sell the GPU, for the price the entire computer costed me so far, and order an AMD one since Intel won’t release them just right now.
15:31 linkmauve: You know I didn’t choose it. ^^'
15:31 imirkin: yeah. but it's a line from south park.
15:31 linkmauve: Yup. ^^
15:32 imirkin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoekVaXdA3U