01:04 exit70[m]: hi, just curious, how well is tnt 2 supported? i acquired a box with a agp slot recently
01:15 gnarface: exit70[m]: https://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/FeatureMatrix/
01:17 gnarface: exit70[m]: (status looks pretty much done or mostly done for what is available, except for tv-out)
01:20 exit70[m]: looks good
01:21 gnarface: i wouldn't expect much from it for gaming
01:21 gnarface: but it would work for software rendered stuff
01:21 gnarface: i should say i wouldn't expect much for 3d gaming - should be fine for everything else
01:22 gnarface: but it's worth noting there are probably better AGP cards on that list
01:22 gnarface: if you just have the board with the AGP slot and you're still looking to purchase a used video card for it, you might want to look at that list for something with more features
01:22 exit70[m]: i should explain i mentioned agp just to signal the age of the box
01:24 exit70[m]: but given the news of https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=AGP-Radeon-Nouveau-Drop-RFC i kinda want a card that is available for pci (i guess agp removal means agp become like pci?)
01:24 gnarface: yea i understand that, i'm just saying you can still aim higher than TNT2 probably
01:24 gnarface: uh, not sure about that
01:25 gnarface: personally i think it sounds like a mistake to remove AGP support but i'm not the one paying for it so...
01:26 exit70[m]: another thing about tnt2. it allegedly works well some old proprietary os, out of topic for here i guess ...
01:27 gnarface: sure
01:28 gnarface: i have some AGP boards here still but i admit i'm using PCI cards of a much older era in them because by Nvidia hardware all consistently and reliably burned itself out in the order it was purchased until I started re-seating the heatsyncs myself
01:28 gnarface: s/by/my/
01:54 imirkin: exit70[m]: afaik it should work. i have a TNT2 PCI plugged in now
03:13 exit70[m]: awesome