00:07 imirkin: AndrewR: should be able to undo that -- video no longer uses compute coz it can
00:08 AndrewR: imirkin, well, video (vdpau presentation part via mplayer) works ..but CL not yet surfaced :}
00:17 AndrewR: imirkin, sorry, probably will sleep in next few hours ....
00:55 karolherbst: imirkin: what was the reason it got enabled in the first place though? not stalling the graphics pipeline or something else?
00:55 karolherbst: or is there a CAP now for that?
02:09 imirkin: karolherbst: there's a cap now
02:10 imirkin: basically amd had some gpu without a graphics pipeline at all
02:10 imirkin: so the solution was to shift everyting to compute for everyone
02:10 imirkin: since nothing gets reviewed anymore, easy to make changes like that
02:21 imirkin: karolherbst: i added a cap coz some of the code just assumed it was running on radeonsi, not checking any of the other caps, etc
02:21 imirkin: so it had no hope of being generic
10:08 karolherbst: ehh :/
10:08 karolherbst: I see
14:40 shfbsdbvf: Hi, I bought a new gpu and one of my fans doesn't spin (with proprietary nvidia driver). If I rotate it with my finger it starts spinning. I'm thinking about asking the seller to replace it but I used nouveau driver for few hours before I noticed the problem on proprietary one. Could you please tell me if using nouveau voids my warranty?
14:41 imirkin: we don't issue warranty
14:41 imirkin: your vendor does
14:41 imirkin: they can put whatever terms they like into it
14:44 shfbsdbvf: yes, but can they detect that gpu was run with nouveau driver?
14:45 shfbsdbvf: I saw this:
14:45 shfbsdbvf: $ man nvidia-xconfig | grep -i -A 3 cool
14:45 shfbsdbvf: --cool-bits=COOL-BITS, --no-cool-bits
14:45 shfbsdbvf: Enable or disable the "Coolbits" X configuration option. Setting this option will enable support in the NV-CONTROL X extension for manipulating GPU clock and GPU fan control settings. Default value is 0. For fan control set it to 4. WARNING: this may cause system damage and void warranties.
14:46 shfbsdbvf: the defenitely can detect if coolbits was changed. Does nouveau driver change that (or similar thing)?
14:46 shfbsdbvf: they*
14:46 imirkin: which GPU?
14:47 shfbsdbvf: msi gtx 1060
14:47 imirkin: these gpu's require signed firmware to control the fan
14:47 imirkin: so nouveau uses the firmware issued by nvidia
14:48 shfbsdbvf: oh, very nice
14:48 shfbsdbvf: thanks :)
15:52 shfbsdbvf: sorry, just thought that nvidia xconfig also uses nvidia's firmware
15:52 shfbsdbvf: could you please tell me hos that firmware is used?
15:52 shfbsdbvf: how*
15:52 shfbsdbvf: or where I can check that in code
15:53 shfbsdbvf: like if using nouveau is equivalent to using nvidia-xconfig --cool-bits=4 in legal terms
15:54 shfbsdbvf: also you should check nvidia docs for such places because nvidia can do that on purpose to later say that nouveau voids the warranty
15:58 shfbsdbvf: to discourage people from using free software
16:02 imirkin: the firmware is uploaded into the gpu, i don't think we interact with the pmu firmware on gp10x
16:02 AlligatorJoe: does the nouveau driver support intel graphics chips or only nvidia
16:03 imirkin: that's a joke, right?
16:03 AlligatorJoe: imirkin...you mean is intel a joke compared to nvidia
16:03 imirkin: no, i mean whether your question is a joke
16:04 AlligatorJoe: imirkin..no...i am just wondering what this chip supports
16:04 imirkin: nouveau is a driver suite for NVIDIA GPUs from Riva TNT and up.
16:04 imirkin: more info at https://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/
16:05 AlligatorJoe: imirkin...ok well i used it on nvidia chips but i am stuck with this intel chip now
16:05 imirkin: and there are drivers for that, just not nouveau.
16:05 AlligatorJoe: imirkin..so far i haven't found any decent drivers....just basic vesa style drivers
16:06 imirkin: the i915 kernel driver and, depending on the gpu, either the i915, i965, or iris mesa drivers should cover everything.
16:06 AlligatorJoe: imirkin..that is why i said do you mean intel is a joke compared to nvidia
16:06 imirkin: except the PVR-based ones
16:06 imirkin: (and the i740, but somehow i bet you don't have that one)
16:07 AlligatorJoe: imirkin...well i am building x for the 915 already...but that is such an old driver...it can't do a lot of things
16:07 imirkin: name one.
16:07 AlligatorJoe: imirkin support the xvideo driver in the sony playstation emulator
16:08 AlligatorJoe: imirkin..and that is just one serious thing to start with
16:08 imirkin: xvideo should be supported fine, and has nothing to do with i915
16:08 AlligatorJoe: xvideo...nope it crashes
16:08 imirkin: it has to do with the DDX that you're using. both the intel ddx, as well as the modesetting ddx via glamor, should work fine
16:08 imirkin: then it's a bug somewhere that you should report.
16:08 imirkin: in general, it works fine.
16:09 AlligatorJoe: imirkin not here yet...but i am rebuilding everything from scratch....to see if it will help because that debian based stuff is pure crap
16:11 AlligatorJoe: and it ruins everything that is based on it....like tails os and ubuntu os and many others
16:13 AlligatorJoe: people are playing serious hardware games like nintendo, sony and microsoft xbox...and we need decent drivers to support all their games on a linux os
16:17 shfbsdbvf: imirkin: thanks
16:21 AlligatorJoe: and they are telling stories like Scarlett Grace: Ambitions..about what can happen to ambitious people....and no one wants to buy into propietary hardware of sony, nintendo, sega, or microsoft xbox....that is why decent drivers are needed for a free linux os to play all their games without buying any of their hardware
16:22 AlligatorJoe: and allow one to escape all that hardware trickery
16:23 AlligatorJoe: by those souless, profit seeking CORPORATIONS
16:23 linkmauve: AlligatorJoe, my Nintendo console runs Nouveau on Linux and I see no problem with that.
16:24 AlligatorJoe: linmauve...fuck nintend and their consoles...they never paid me the trillions of dollars in royalties that all those sons of bitches owe for our model 1 ideaas
16:24 AlligatorJoe: fuck all the hardware sons of bitches
16:29 AlligatorJoe: and fuck a lot of the software people too...because they also stole a lot of our model 1 ideas
16:29 AlligatorJoe: and have not paid the trillions of dollars in royalties they owe the 5 of us
16:30 linkmauve: What is model 1?
16:32 AlligatorJoe: linmauve..the first consumer oriented microcomputer with a whole slew of novel ideas like Bios to initiate the hardware, pixel based graphics, digital sound, for digital communications and entertainment music,videos,etc...and memory addressing along with port i/o for communicating with external devices through adjustable code
16:33 AlligatorJoe: linmauve....does that answer your question....they owe us trillions of dollars for the 5 of us that developed it....
16:33 AlligatorJoe: just look at all the computers in cars and medicine for example that use our digital ideas
16:34 linkmauve: Oh, you are from Sega?
16:35 AlligatorJoe: and the sons of bitches all around the globe have not paid the trillions of dollars they owe the 5 of us
16:35 linkmauve: First time I hear of this arcade machine.
16:36 AlligatorJoe: linkmauve...just look up the old black and white dancing demon game for the model 1
16:36 AlligatorJoe: linkmauve...before Sega muscled in on our ideas with 3d and color
16:36 AlligatorJoe: linkmauve...fuck all the hardware sons of bitches that have not paid us the trillions of dollars they owe the 5 of us
16:37 shfbsdbvf: AlligatorJoe: I just came to ask a question but this looks interesting, maybe you have some blogpost about that?
16:37 linkmauve: Oh ok, so this is different from https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Model_1 I guess?
16:38 AlligatorJoe: shfbsdbut...I am Dr. Hademenos..look it up....and i am not a goddamn nigger that likes slavery and working for free....i expect to be paid trillions of dollars for my work from long ago....
16:39 shfbsdbvf: you sound like Terry Davis :D
16:40 AlligatorJoe: shfbsdbvf...who is Terry Davis...is he a legitimate Dr...that demands payment for services rendered
16:41 shfbsdbvf: no, he liked free software and frequently used word "nigger"
16:42 AlligatorJoe: shfbsdbvf...so what...i am interested in getting my money...money matters in this world...for rainy days, sick leave, retirement,etc....and a trillion dollars is 1 with 12 zeroes after it...and the bastards owe us several of those
16:44 AlligatorJoe: shfbsdbuf do you think George Lucas wanted to do all that work without getting paid the billions of dollars he earned...
16:45 AlligatorJoe: and that is peanuts compared to what they owe the 5 of us
16:45 shfbsdbvf: and why do they owe you?
16:46 shfbsdbvf: can't look up anything related
16:46 AlligatorJoe: shfbsdbuf because they stole and profited off of our ideas and deprived us of all the market share and money we could have earned from those ideas
16:47 AlligatorJoe: shfbsdbut...well look up Dr. George Hademenos on google...i am sure you will find some of my WHITE HISTORY
16:53 AlligatorJoe: shfbsdbut...because contrary to what niggers believe...BLACK HISTORY is not the only history that matters
16:54 shfbsdbvf: AlligatorJoe: well I hope that everything will be ok, that you'll get your money and that all corporations that use unfair business practices get what they deserve...
16:55 AlligatorJoe: shfbsdbvf.....well it seems like they just keep getting money and they all have not paid me my money
16:55 AlligatorJoe: do you call that getting what they deserve?
16:58 AlligatorJoe: because some people in this world think that they can just take anything they want without paying for it......its ridiculous to allow them to continue that behavior without paying me the trillions of dollars that they owe.
17:01 shfbsdbvf: no, but it still can happen if users stop being retarded
17:03 AlligatorJoe: shfbsdbuf..i see you opened a separate channel to me but i don't know the keys on this app to access it
17:06 AlligatorJoe: ok i will answer your questions in here....not in a separate window
17:08 AlligatorJoe: well do you think people should just be allowed to take whatever they want without paying for it....think about all the helpless women that would be raped and murdered.
17:09 AlligatorJoe: the bastards owe the 5 of us trillions of dollars and they have not paid.
17:13 AlligatorJoe: that is trillions of dollars they owe the 5 of us...not chump change...they have used our ideas in many industries around the globe involving trillions of dollars of trade...and they have not paid us our fair share of all that money
17:16 AlligatorJoe: think of all the helpless women that would be raped and/or killed if people were allowed to just take whatever they wanted without paying for it.
17:29 shfbsdbvf: yes, they shouldn't be allowed to steal...
18:15 AlligatorJoe: shfbsdbvf..well that is what i think and that is why i demand that they pay me the trillions of dollars that they owe.
18:28 RSpliet: https://blogs.nvidia.com/blog/2020/05/01/low-cost-open-source-ventilator-nvidia-chief-scientist/
18:28 RSpliet: 'd you reckon nouveau supports those?
18:41 imirkin: definitely.
18:42 imirkin: nouveau's on life support, so... :p
18:51 imirkin: someone should figure out how GL_NV_alpha_to_coverage_dither_control works. looks like it goes back to fermi on blob drivers.
18:54 imirkin: actually looks like it might be available in GT215 as well
20:54 fincs: alpha-to-coverage dither enable is just 0x12E0 (enable=1 disable=0)