14:27 maccraft: imirkin imirkin_: how good are geforce 4 mx440 and mx400 are supported?
14:53 RSpliet: maccraft: the proof of the pudding is in the eating, but expect problems. These are rebranded GeForce 2's, I don't think many people have looked at or tried that code recently
14:54 RSpliet: Also, it's from the pre-programmable-shader era. If you want gnome-shell you'll end up software rendering your desktop.
14:58 RSpliet: Well, technically you'd probably be software rendering XFCE, Mate or whatever tiling WM you can think of, but there's hardly any rendering involved for those in the first place ;-)
15:01 maccraft: RSpliet: is sis integrated graphics better?
15:04 maccraft: xd
15:04 RSpliet: Does a driver even exist for that?
15:05 RSpliet: If so, it might be. Depends on whether nouveau is stable for those GeForce 2 cards
15:59 imirkin: maccraft: gf2 mx should work fine
15:59 imirkin: depends what you need, i suppose