01:15 maccraft: imirkin: hello
01:15 maccraft: i have an idea
01:15 maccraft: i'm the guy with mcp78 and crt
01:15 maccraft: and rx460
01:16 imirkin: right
01:16 maccraft: if i connect lcd monitor to rx460, and crt to mcp, would it render 3d on lcd without prime overhead?
01:16 imirkin: depends which is primary
01:16 imirkin: prime overhead is when you render on a non-primary gpu
01:17 maccraft: that way i can eat the cake and have the cake :3
01:17 maccraft: i sorta gave up and connected crt to my laptop
01:17 maccraft: which can drive it at max resolution
01:18 maccraft: also >Supports D-Sub with max. resolution up to 1920 × 1440 @ 75 Hz
01:18 maccraft: taken from asus' specs page
01:18 maccraft: imirkin: there is bug in nouveau limiting max resolution on mcp78
01:19 maccraft: once i get an adapter from dvii to vga i can test on gt9800
01:24 maccraft: imirkin: does prime "compress" copying framebuffer when there is no activity on secondary monitor
01:30 imirkin: no
01:30 imirkin: i dunno how invalidates are done, tbh
01:31 imirkin: e.g. if you don't change the framebuffer, is there a job that copies it at 60fps if you can't scan out from sysmem? dunno.
01:32 maccraft: ok, does disabling the output from xrandr disable prime?
01:32 maccraft: framebuffer copying at refresh rate and resolution of my crt practically kills the performance of pcie2.0x8
01:38 imirkin: there's prime and there's reverse prime
01:38 imirkin: the two are largely unrelated
01:38 imirkin: except by name
01:39 maccraft: uhhhhhhh
01:39 maccraft: imirkin: i want to do all opengl and vulkan on radeon gpu
01:39 maccraft: and display on monitor connected to radeon
01:40 imirkin: so you really just want to set the amdgpu as primary
01:40 maccraft: but still have vga display available that can have stuff displayed on it
01:40 imirkin: sure
01:40 maccraft: i want to use my $150
01:40 imirkin: so you'd use reverse prime to show stuff on the crt
01:40 maccraft: i want to use my $150 gpu
01:40 maccraft: and my $0 crt monitor
01:40 maccraft: and my lcd monitor at the same time
01:40 maccraft: reverse prime would kill the performance
01:41 maccraft: given that it would eat majority of PCIe throughput
01:50 maccraft: imirkin: what do you think about it?
01:51 maccraft: i don't want to set up a thing in a workaround way and then learn that there was other thing that was doing exact same thing i want to do
02:10 imirkin: one of them's gotta be primary
02:10 imirkin: and you can't get all displays on one gpu
02:11 imirkin: that you want to render on
02:11 imirkin: so ... PCIe will happen no matter what
02:11 imirkin: you really want to be rendering on the same gpu as you do most of the displaying on
02:11 maccraft: imirkin: most of displaying or most of displaying when performance matters?
02:11 maccraft: most of staring at screen will occur on crt display
02:12 maccraft: but most of gaming will be on lcd
02:12 imirkin: well, try it both ways
02:12 imirkin: and see which you like
02:12 imirkin: i'd _strongly_ recommend making amdgpu primary.
02:12 maccraft: okay
02:12 maccraft: i also thought about VirtualGL
02:12 imirkin: sure, if you want a thing that's worse than prime
02:13 maccraft: nic on my board isn't thru pcie iirc
02:14 maccraft: imirkin: ok and how to set amdgpu as primary when both gpus are used and have displays attached?
02:15 imirkin: just set it as your Device
02:15 maccraft: Device? in xorg config?
02:32 imirkin: yes
02:33 maccraft: thanks
10:28 kubast2: Hey, what are strap_peek, internal_clients, gem_names used for? in /sys/kernel/debug/dri/1/
23:04 Manoa: ilia NvPmEnableGating realy was bugged, it crushed my system a few times in 5.5.3 so I know now whay you don't enabel it
23:04 Manoa: mybe it work bether on 600 serie