01:49 Tashtari: So I seem to be getting a kernel panic to do with nouveau that is triggered by dragging or resizing windows in X.
01:50 Tashtari: Console output here: http://paste.debian.net/1129972/
01:50 Tashtari: Does this look in any way familiar to anyone? =)
02:01 Tashtari: Card is a GT218.
02:04 imirkin: that's a new one...
02:04 imirkin: skeggsb: --^
02:05 imirkin: some kind of fail in g84_fifo_uevent_fini .. looks like use-after-free: RAX: 6b6b6b6b6b6b6b6b
02:07 HdkR: rax = `kkkkkkkk` good stuff
02:13 imirkin: 6b is the linux poison value
02:13 imirkin: set on slab free or whatever
04:55 Tashtari: Anything else I can do by way of troubleshooting in the meantime?
05:20 Tashtari: I tried going down to one monitor (from two) just to see if that kept the problem from appearing... it did not.
05:20 Tashtari: Console output the second here: http://paste.debian.net/1129978/
05:21 Tashtari: It is slightly different but the trace is still the same as far down as nvkm_fifo_uevent, and includes the g84_fifo_uevent_fini that imirkin mentioned.
05:23 Tashtari: As before, the thing that trips it off seems to be dragging windows in X11.
07:31 sigod: apart from nouveau.noaccel=1 kernel parameter is there a way to allow acceleration in x and disable opengl or does that just do the same thing in terms of stopping the freeze in a gtx 660
07:31 imirkin: sigod: you're aware that you can use blob firmware, right?
07:31 sigod: stopping the context switching error i mean
07:32 sigod: not on parabola linux
07:32 imirkin: not sure what that means
07:32 imirkin: but you can set up pretty much anything on any distro
07:32 imirkin: nothing about linux is distro-specific
07:33 sigod: the blob firmware isnt supported on parabola because it's libre
07:33 imirkin: but you can fix that by installing a linux kernel ...
07:33 imirkin: either way, i think that any accel will kill the board
07:33 sigod: but then it wouldnt be the libre kernel
07:33 imirkin: but you can always try disabling GL only
07:34 imirkin: remove nouveau_dri.so
07:34 imirkin: or stick LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=1 into your /etc/environment
07:34 sigod: yea that's what i was reading on a post you wrote
07:34 imirkin: noaccel still does accel of fbdev btw
07:34 sigod: won't nouveau dri.so get reinstalled in updates
07:34 imirkin: maybe
07:35 sigod: i was just thinking if it didnt crash without opengl then i could use compton to stop tearing in videos
07:37 sigod: nouveau.noaccel=1 made the system rock solid though
08:17 sigod: imirkin, does xrender require hardware acceleration?
08:19 sigod: for compton
09:13 sigod: https://github.com/yshui/picom/wiki/Vsync-Situation - this made me understand the situation
15:56 Tashtari: Now that we're in a slightly different time-zone-awake-time... :) I'm getting a kernel panic that appears to come from nouveau triggered by dragging or resizing windows in X11. My card is a GT218.
15:56 Tashtari: Console output: http://paste.debian.net/1129972/
15:57 Tashtari: And another of the same: http://paste.debian.net/1129978/
15:58 Tashtari: Seems to happen whether there's one monitor plugged in or two.
15:58 Tashtari: I definitely need a nudge in the right direction here. :) Even if it's more debugging steps that I can do to narrow it down. Can anyone help?
16:05 imirkin_: sadly the list of people who can help don't change.
16:06 imirkin_: really you want skeggsb, who's based out of eastern side of australia.
16:06 imirkin_: i.e. asleep right now
16:47 Tashtari: imirkin_: Ok, I'll wait on them.
16:48 imirkin_: cosurgi: how goes the testing?
19:13 cosurgi: imirkin_: no problems so far.
19:14 cosurgi: imirkin_: no EAGAIN messages in the logs either.
19:14 cosurgi: usually ot was over a month. We have to be patient ;)
19:19 imirkin_: ahh ok
19:19 imirkin_: yeah, i thought your repro was faster.
20:21 cosurgi: imirkin_: first my desktop reopening repro is too slow. Now the bug reproduction is too slow. And I'm working like crazy ;)
20:23 imirkin_: MORE! FASTER!
20:23 imirkin_:cracks whip
20:24 cosurgi:sheds sweat, tears and blood.
20:49 imirkin_: should see a doctor about that last one
20:50 Pie_Mage: and a therapist about the middle one