16:23 m0ebius: anyone there>
16:23 m0ebius: ?
16:26 joepublic: one hundred fifty three, according to my irc client
16:27 m0ebius: heh
16:27 m0ebius: ok, i have a question
16:27 m0ebius: Windows: https://youtu.be/szdwtDhVegI
16:28 m0ebius: Linux: https://youtu.be/55Qn0uBkvCY
16:28 m0ebius: what do you make of this?
16:28 joepublic: Looks like urls to youtube videos to me.
16:28 m0ebius: :/
16:28 joepublic: what are they about?
16:29 m0ebius: difference in video output
16:30 joepublic: looks like monitor is running at a different frequency?
16:31 m0ebius: exactly
16:31 m0ebius: only the refresh rate is the same according to xrandr at least
16:31 m0ebius: 60.0hz
16:39 imirkin_: can you pastebin "xrandr --verbose"?
16:40 imirkin_: if the scaler is enabled, then it will pick the "default" modeline no matter what
16:40 m0ebius: thanks, will do it in a bit