15:40 m0ebius: greets
15:42 joepublic: salutations.
16:22 m0ebius: switched to hybrid mode and using only hd intel now... eye strain has subsided to an extent but is still there
16:22 m0ebius: apparently the faster gpu the greater the eyestrain
16:31 m0ebius: faster as in accelerated
16:53 cosurgi: imirkin: I'm applying the patch now :) restarting soon.
16:53 cosurgi: https://github.com/skeggsb/nouveau/commit/dd09ebc623e3b3f2ee1ebd9df53bb0754b1dc79b
17:11 cosurgi: imirkin: the calculations finished yesterday. And just 30 minutes ago I had another SIGBUS
17:56 cosurgi: imirkin: I'll use kernel 5.5.1
18:04 imirkin: hehe
18:07 cosurgi: imirkin: ah! I am just about to reboot.
18:07 cosurgi: I modified the code slightly, to print some info. I don't know if that won't spam too much though.
18:08 imirkin: well, maybe just in the error case?
18:08 cosurgi: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/v9BFp9TXKr/
18:08 cosurgi: that's what I did.
18:08 cosurgi: It's alredy compiled.
18:10 cosurgi: too much?
18:12 imirkin: probably fine...
18:14 cosurgi: thanks! So rebooting now :)
20:10 cosurgi: imirkin: so far so good. Now I need about 1 hour to configure all my desktops... again.
20:10 imirkin: ouch
20:10 cosurgi: Hopefully this time they will last longer than 2 months.
20:11 cosurgi: hmm.. I should write some script for that. Usually that's just a bunch of xterms and web browsers.
20:12 imirkin: didn't you have some semi-fast way to repro?
20:12 cosurgi: sort of. But it could be better. For single xserver that's about 15 minutes
20:12 cosurgi: maybr 10.
20:13 imirkin: and did it fail to fail?
20:13 cosurgi: But now that would be 6 xservers, because restart. Not single server crash.
20:13 cosurgi: ehhh. ok. I will just start two of them, the ones that I need right now. Except this one which I use fro debugging xservers. This one needs no 'window arrngements' at all.
20:15 cosurgi: Uh. "and did it fail to fail?" not sure what it means. :) Once I added few xterms to ~/.xinitrc. They work nice. I just should add more to reproduce more of my layout.
20:15 imirkin: i thought you had some semi-reliable way to repro
20:17 cosurgi: ah. I semi-reliable yes. I use it all the time. chromium remembers all opened windows. So when I start it, I move all windows to corret viewports using sawgish-pager. And close the obsolete ones. Then in each viewport these windows remind me what I was doing there. So if I want to do this again I start relevant xeterms. And basically that's it
20:18 cosurgi: I said over 1 hour, because I was thinking about 6 xservers, and reviewing chrmoum windows takes most of the time. Like "whoa, I was searching for this 3 months ago, adn I forgot to close the window" :)
20:18 imirkin: hehe
20:18 cosurgi: but yeah. I would like it to be faster :>
20:19 cosurgi: *sawfish-pager
20:26 cosurgi: I am connecting gdb anyway to all these xservers, just in case.