09:57 casept: Is there a tool similar to e.g. nvtop for monitoring usage of a lima-compatible GPU? I'm trying to figure out whether a given application that's performing poorly is even using HW acceleration.
11:24 linkmauve: casept, the relevant driver API never got merged, see https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa/-/merge_requests/6077
11:25 linkmauve: But if you just want to see if your program is using OpenGL, maybe try apitrace?
11:56 enunes: casept: I guess an easier way would be just printing the gl renderer or something?
11:57 enunes: casept: to actually answer your first question, no, we don't have it for now. I attempted this before but it had to be reverted: https://patchwork.kernel.org/project/dri-devel/cover/20230312233052.21095-1-nunes.erico@gmail.com/
12:00 enunes: I guess eventually we should go back and look again if the situation is better to reimplement it now
19:03 cambrian_invader: is there any cursor hardware acceleration support in mali400?
19:04 cambrian_invader: I noticed that moving the cursor over glxgears halves the framerate
19:04 cambrian_invader: I also don't see any change in behavior with SWCursor set to true/false
19:04 cambrian_invader: is there anything to tweak in this area?
19:04 anarsoul|2: cambrian_invader: Nope. Mali4xx is not a display controller, it's a pure GPU. Some display controllers may have a cursor plane
19:05 cambrian_invader: ah, ok
19:05 anarsoul|2: so it depends on what display controller is used in your SoC
19:05 cambrian_invader: this is with zynqmp-dpsub
19:05 cambrian_invader: so maybe I need to tweak my kms driver
19:06 anarsoul|2: yeah
19:07 cambrian_invader: the armsoc driver has some cursor settings, but the modesetting driver (which I am currently using) doesn'
19:07 cambrian_invader: t seem to have that sort of thing
19:45 cambrian_invader: ok, so modetest only shows an overlay and a primary plane
19:45 cambrian_invader: which I guess means hardware cursors are not supported
20:34 linkmauve: cambrian_invader, your compositor might support using the overlay plane for the cursor, I think Weston supports that for instance, but I would have to check to be certain, I’ve never used such a display controller.
20:35 cambrian_invader: atm I'm just using X without a display manager, but I'll look into using a compositor in the future
20:36 linkmauve: Xorg is pretty much the worst compositor for modern hardware.
20:36 linkmauve: Try anything Wayland, like Weston or GNOME.
20:36 cambrian_invader: well, mali is not exactly modern hardware either :P
20:37 linkmauve: Lima isn’t involved in the display controller.
20:37 cambrian_invader: last time I worked on this project I had a lot of trouble getting mutter to work which iirc was due to mali not supporting newer opengl
20:38 linkmauve: Oh, it doesn’t use GLES instead of GL?
20:38 cambrian_invader: I don't remember
20:39 cambrian_invader: I never got it working, so take that with a grain of salt
22:24 daniels: mutter really wants ES3.0
22:25 daniels: you should be able to use MESA_GLES_VERSION_OVERRIDE=3.0 to make it do it
22:48 anarsoul|2: daniels: no ES2 support anymore?
22:49 daniels: anarsoul|2: not for a few years aiui; ES3 definitely became mandatory when they started using glBlitFramebuffer to implement multi-GPU
22:49 daniels: ttbomk they don't have ES3 requirements beyond what you could support as a generic Gallium driver
22:51 anarsoul|2: IIRC lima worked fine with Gnome 40, but it's been a while, yeah
22:51 daniels: some would say that Mali-4xx SoCs aren't the target platform for a JavaScript-based compositor
22:51 anarsoul|2: wow, that's been 3 years ago :)
22:52 cambrian_invader: (tell that to my customer who wants both this specific SoC and GNOME)
22:54 anarsoul|2: cambrian_invader: they may need a beefier SoC then :)
22:54 cambrian_invader: they originally wanted vulkan too
22:55 cambrian_invader: and when we said they would need to change SoCs or drop vulkan they dropped vulkan
22:55 cambrian_invader: so I guess they are getting KDE or something
22:56 anarsoul|2: cambrian_invader: you can always use lavapipe :)
22:56 cambrian_invader: I believe they are looking for accelleration, not decelleration...
22:56 daniels: I can recommend Weston
22:57 anarsoul|2: or Sway
22:57 cambrian_invader: I'll keep that in mind
22:58 anarsoul|2: cambrian_invader: Wikipedia says it's 19 year old GPU. On steroids, yeah, but architecture is 19yo
22:59 cambrian_invader: I know... I did not design the system I only get to make it work
23:01 daniels: on low-power systems, you really want to use either Weston (works very well for systems without too much interactive window management, i.e. you run one or two apps where window management isn't governed by dragging windows around), or something wlroots-based
23:01 daniels: I'm biased towards the one I develop though :)