19:58 uis: Trying to build mesa myself. Can't get past disabling rusticl.
19:59 uis: And vulkan
20:05 uis: Got past it
20:06 linkmauve: uis, https://linkmauve.fr/files/mesa-lima.txt is what I use.
20:06 linkmauve: I can also give me my full PKGBUILD if you are on an ALARM-based distribution.
20:07 uis: meson -Dgallium-rusticl=false -Dvulkan-drivers= -Dgallium-drivers=lima -Dplatforms=x11 ..
20:07 linkmauve: You most likely also want kmsro at least.
20:07 uis: Compiling now
20:07 linkmauve: Unless you are ok with pure offscreen rendering, without displaying anything.
20:07 uis: Ok
20:08 linkmauve: Feel free to check my build options, and check in meson_options.txt to get the explanations if you don’t understand one.
20:08 uis: Reconfiguring
22:13 uis: Seems working
22:13 uis: Enabling invalidation doesn't decrease fps
22:27 uis: Hmm
22:28 uis: In some cases it still eats fps
22:28 uis: 20->15
22:31 uis: With depth and stencil invalidation before swap and color buffer invalidation after swap
22:32 uis: Testing on old commit(from which was initial report)
22:34 uis: anarsoul|2: it seems your change doesn't work
22:35 uis: meson -Dgallium-rusticl=false -Dvulkan-drivers= -Dgallium-drivers=lima,kmsro -Dplatforms=x11 -Dglvnd=true --reconfigure ..
22:35 uis: I'll try rebooting just in case
22:39 uis: No, still fps loss
22:42 uis: If you want to test you can download pre-built xonotic and pull darkplaces source, build it and replace xonotic-sdl with resulting darkplaces-sdl. Then start map by typing in console for example `map trident` and then change `r_fbdiscard` between 0 and 1.