09:19 enunes: rpirea: hmm there have been changes recently with register intrinsics, and I think lima_compiler is untested
09:19 enunes: rpirea: can you share your shader and if you were trying to do something specific by using lima_compiler?
09:20 enunes: depending on what you want to do, maybe drm_shim is an option too, and goes over the same driver infrastructure rather than the separate lima_compiler tool
09:25 enunes: if this ends up being a bug I wonder if we still have a use case for lima_compiler or should delete it and just document lima drm_shim usage
09:25 enunes: anarsoul: will you get back to those patches fixing the shader-db assert issues? :)
11:14 rpirea: enunes: this is just a shader to reproduce the crash https://pastebin.com/6dvbxeyw output: https://pastebin.com/Ytb85vHT
11:16 enunes: rpirea: well at a first glance this looks like a gles3 shader which is indeed not supported, Mali400 does not support gles3
11:20 rpirea: enunes: only glsl 1.00 es and 1.10 is supported?
11:26 enunes: that should be 1.20 for OpenGL 2.1 and 1.00 for GLES2 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenGL_Shading_Language#Versions
11:26 rpirea: This fragment https://pastebin.com/qbWQW5rT produces a similar result: https://pastebin.com/VAeiRDNT
11:26 enunes: ok, this one should probably work
11:37 enunes: it does seem that standalone lima_compiler doesn't have exactly the same lowering options
11:37 enunes: rpirea: would you mind filing an issue in mesa for it?
11:38 enunes: my opinion is that we should consider deleting it and adding a chapter to our driver docs explaining how to do offline shader compiler without hardware using drm_shim instead
16:29 anarsoul: rpirea: enunes: lima_compiler never worked properly. I'd suggest using drm-shim and mesa-shader-db
16:30 anarsoul: and IIRC it's not actually a lima compiler bug, but standalong glsl compiler bug
16:30 anarsoul: enunes: I'm pretty busy at work in coming weeks, but I'll eventually get back to it
17:49 anarsoul: rpirea: if you desperately want to get standalone compiler working, IIRC you need to replace writing gl_Position with a write to some varying
18:04 anarsoul: oh, your shader doesn't like a sampler
18:04 anarsoul: *in your shader it doesn't like a sampler
18:05 anarsoul: rpirea: anyway, I guess the question is why you need lima_compiler
18:06 anarsoul: it cannot produce any binaries that you can load later, it's just a debug tool for lima devs
18:20 rpirea: anarsoul: I don't need lima_compiler. Just trying to learn glsl basics and and play with mali 400 at the same time. I will use drm shim anyway.
19:16 enunes: anarsoul: any objections to delete lima_compiler from the codebase?
19:21 anarsoul: nope
19:21 anarsoul: go for it