04:51 gamiee: anarsoul: great, thanks for info
19:17 anarsoul|2: gamiee: if you need to run X, you want to use a compositor (e.g. xcompmgr or built-in in kwin). And yet it's not really friendly to tilers like mali
19:17 anarsoul|2: but I'd suggest using any wayland session. gnome-shell used to work quite well on Mali4x0. However I haven't really tried it in a while :)
19:18 anarsoul|2: kwin should be OK
19:18 gamiee: anarsoul: I use empty Xorg just to render my app or anything what pops up. On Wayland I would just use cage.
19:21 anarsoul|2: gamiee: yeah, use wayland if it's a single-app environment
19:21 anarsoul|2: you'd get better performance
19:25 gamiee: I hope porting will go fine, I have no idea how much buildroot supports wayland and wayland support in SDL2.
19:26 anarsoul|2: I'm not sure either :) I haven't tried buildroot in ages
19:26 anarsoul|2: assuming you have enough storage on your SD card you may as well use a regular distro
19:26 anarsoul|2: debian or archlinux should work fine
19:28 gamiee: I am using this in product, where updates are done via OTA, so update packages must be as small as possible, and also it needs to be stable. The eMMC Is splitted into multiple partitions, all read only, with exception of user data partition, since users (sadly) most of the times turn off the device by cutting off the power.
19:28 gamiee: So far, I had good experiences with buildroot, also it is quite up-to-date
19:29 anarsoul|2: I see
19:30 anarsoul|2: personally, I don't use buildroot anymore. Modern SBCs are powerful enough to use a regular distro, so it's easier to setup (and to develop)
19:32 gamiee: Yeah, I totally agree, although, I am not much fan of deploying regular distro to embedded product. Too many things which can get wrong.