01:29 anarsoul|2: enunes: what do you think about replacing ppir_comp->var_nodes with proper hash tables for SSAs and regs?
01:30 anarsoul|2: with a fixed number of var_nodes (which is passed from nir) it's not possible to transform ppir
09:18 enunes: anarsoul|2: I guess it makes sense, this whole var_nodes stuff and register index handling has always been a mess
09:19 enunes: for now I think it is important to first do what we need for this nir_legacy handling for ppir and reg load/store for gpir to unblock the entire nir register rework
09:19 enunes: then I guess after that it is better to do our own backend reworks
16:40 anarsoul|2: sounds good
18:10 anarsoul|2: and we also need to improve printing of ppir representation. It's not really readable
19:19 enunes: slowly getting memories of ppir back again
19:59 anarsoul|2: :)
20:00 anarsoul|2: yeah, too many corner cases
20:00 anarsoul|2: I don't really remember why we don't keep successors from a different block in the list