20:11 marex: enunes: anarsoul: hi, do I read the mesa driver right in that lima does support MRT ?
21:49 enunes: marex: I think it is not supported right now, there was a way to write to specify the output register other than r0 in the command buffer that anarsoul found and I think there could be more, but I think it was never implemented to actually write to multiple outputs
22:15 marex: enunes: ahh, but at least the hardware might support it then, thanks !
22:46 anarsoul: marex: no
22:46 anarsoul: and there's no proper hardware support for MRT
22:48 anarsoul: from what alyssa said, Utgard MRT support is similar to early Midgard and it's literally unusuable. Essentially you cannot attach arbitrary RT, they all have the same base address, and are separated by specified stride
22:49 marex: urgh
22:50 marex: anarsoul: thanks for this input
22:51 anarsoul: MRT they have in hw is for writing out unresolved MSAA