19:03 anarsoul: enunes: hey, any ETA on when lima CI farm will be back online?
19:13 enunes: anarsoul: it seems that it went down due to some transient problem, not even at my network, and it already even picked jobs from people off branch... I guess it can go up again already
19:14 anarsoul: can you submit an MR?
19:14 enunes: I'll do it soon
19:15 anarsoul: thanks!
19:15 anarsoul: btw, do you want another lafrite board for the farm?
19:16 anarsoul: I had it sitting in my drawer for quite a while. I can mail it to you if you need it
19:19 enunes: anarsoul: to add a new board I would need to remanage things a bit (probably need new power supply, more power control and usb ports) so I'm not planning to grow it soon... but if it is just collecting dust it can work as a backup I guess
19:20 anarsoul: sure, just PM me the address to mail it to