16:12 Venemo: doras: give it some time. The people who can answer you may live in a different time zone, or may simply enjoy their weekend.
16:13 Venemo: This channel is usually pretty quiet on weekends
16:14 Venemo: doras: also, people don't see your message because you're not registered with NickServ. I only see it because I'm connected through matrix too
16:42 doras: venemo: thanks for the heads-up.
16:42 doras: How did you tell, by the way?
16:42 doras: I didn't get any notification or message about not being registered.
16:59 doras: Anyway, I'll ask my question again: would making the built-in dri GBM backend external (i.e., "libdri_gbm.so") be a reasonable thing to do? Will an external dri backend be able to conform with the ABI requirements of an external GBM backend such that it could be updated regularly while the GBM core is frozen for an extended period?
17:06 Venemo: doras: it has happened to me and others before, so this isn't the first time. it's a known issue with the irc-matrix bridge, it doesn't warn you about your message not arriving. (I think a normal IRC client may warn you properly.) you can check these logs to see if your message arrived at the channel or not: https://people.freedesktop.org/~cbrill/dri-log/?channel=dri-devel&date=2021-10-30
17:07 doras: venemo: thanks again. Much appreciated.