05:14 alyssa: happy new year~
05:16 marcodiego: happy new year
05:17 marcodiego: alyssa, thanks for fixing a few more deqp tests for t860!
05:17 alyssa: bbrezillon: did the hard part
05:18 marcodiego: alyssa, So I'll thank him too. Any estimation on when it will get to 0?
05:18 alyssa: Probably never
05:19 alyssa: Those last fails are extremely subtle and none of us understand them, good news is they don't actually affect anything
05:20 marcodiego: alyssa, you mean the last 2 or the other 16 or all of them?
05:20 alyssa: blit
05:21 marcodiego: hmmm, so there are at least 2 that are "fixable". These blit ones that are failing... did they ever worked?