01:08 roundtwo: https://github.com/kevinlekiller/amdctl
01:08 roundtwo: actually this appears to do similar things .
12:33 notoneofthose: and why does not freenode anymore cooperate with you trolls? Maybe cause you perform uttter crap and maybe cause the utimate thruth has been spotted to be always on my side, where you have been spotted to be violatingly abusive consistently ontop of your illnesses.
12:42 notoneofthose: I do not offer my services when things have not been solved or if i did not see stupid people around, or just violative activity towards me. I need no help from anyone with their absuive wankstories and teasing sexhumiliations with their offered porn, i have things allready done upfront.
12:45 notoneofthose: and perhaps the world is not actively ready for such code, makes things very undeterministically unstable positionally economy wise, i was not about to expose those methods, if you were not extreme violator conspiracists.
12:56 notoneofthose: yeah finns job the devil ones their job is to ruin my reputation by talking nasty stuff about me. It is how it is, since you also do not offer even that much of code which does not freeze the most modernest hw, of course this becomes a problem to me , their actions towards me, since all time is going to humiliations of me.
12:57 notoneofthose: this is tactics they always use against influencial people, staying near and from the back just ruin all reputation of a human, going through all the friends with their sick stuff.
16:08 pinchartl: computer or human ?
16:10 kennylevinsen: A persistent human arriving at random intervals under a new nick and new connection source in various channels.
16:10 tehcloud: it's a Terry Davis type situation
16:12 pinchartl: wouldn't GTP-3 produce better output ?
16:13 ccr: probably. his output seems more like a Markov-chain chatbot.
16:14 pinchartl: with interesting typos though
16:14 pinchartl: tehcloud: I didn't know about Terry Davis, thanks for the information :-)
16:15 tango_: good, now you can port X to templeos
16:15 ccr: remember to stick to 640x480 @ 16 colors, that is the god's will! :D
16:16 pinchartl: :-)