19:44 agakuisa: changes will not come in this field, and to be honest yeah yanks are wolrd number one
19:45 agakuisa: they went to iraq and took all of the historical assets from the museum as i was told, cause planet nine is about to enter with civilisation7 to the earth
19:47 agakuisa: yeah many people have been in contact with aliens, me yeah directly, they signal me all the time
19:48 agakuisa: i have been endlessly thinking is this mankind from the planet earth who signals me all the time, but appareantly and probably not so
19:49 agakuisa: this time they arrived with their teleporting mchines round about war2 time
19:49 agakuisa: mostly located in the pacifics
19:50 agakuisa: they are very advanced , cause their energy resources are bigger than what we have
19:51 agakuisa: planet earth is a flueky coincidence, it is a testodrome to a lot more powerful players
19:54 agakuisa: and don't get me wrong kevin brock does not compete with ott tänak at all, cause ott is basically one of the best rally drivers in the world, estonians are not weak at all, but technology wise yanks are bit more advanced
19:55 agakuisa: peksupoisid olime, aga sellest staatusest tuli väga võimsaid mehi
19:58 agakuisa: they chip always best heros from estonia to the business of sports, you probably can not compete with the likes of andrus veerpalu and such, kristjan palusalu and one of those
19:59 agakuisa: kristjan as a man with his brothers who defended him, was fucking one of my favorites, i always had this man in the back of my mind
19:59 agakuisa: he died to natural causes in the eighties
19:59 agakuisa: this man was so big legent, beautiful man
20:00 agakuisa: sportsman, so nice man, a strong man
20:01 agakuisa: i am cracking down of this to have been seen so many outsiders in our country, but our fathers are very powerful
20:02 agakuisa: i would give my life to meet kristjan palusalu again in this modern world, i admired this man so much
20:04 agakuisa: so adolf hitler was a fan of hornfischer, who was the heavyweight wrestler in germany back than, this guy wanted a rematch, cause kristjan beat him in olympics
20:05 agakuisa: belive me they love me, sportsmen love me quite much, hence i have one of the strongest hands here, i love them as well
20:06 agakuisa: perhaps i went with too big profile when i was young though
20:06 agakuisa: that caused or developed too many problems to me
20:09 agakuisa: it is all about to get this sweat out from your energy resources, to be respected a little at all, three lions on the nati20:36 agakuisa: tehcnology is not to be needing to put off people, it needs to be treated wisely
20:36 agakuisa: to me all this is natural, nothing that sensational
20:37 agakuisa: I also admit that yanks did a freaking good contribution to this world, and i am merely a second hand there
20:38 agakuisa: in other words i was not in a process to create those things what we have, and i am not the one to own it today as well
20:39 agakuisa: even nation wise we were not involved in creating those things, those were very brilliant british men who mostly did those heorics, germans and british basically
20:40 agakuisa: in the past , they considered some other greeks and latins and such, but in my opinion you can not get more higher than what those named nations do
20:41 agakuisa: but germans are not included among my allies, they have gone too offshore multiple times
20:41 agakuisa: british also
20:42 agakuisa: however dutch are included among my allies instead and japanease against all odds
20:43 agakuisa: they are very powerful but i have strong feelings against this kind of domination
20:43 agakuisa: so i am aware that germans are the big forces in the industry, but same time i do not like their big egos
20:44 agakuisa: same with british they are current number one in the world, but too arrogant at the same time
20:45 agakuisa: it is hard for me to exist even cause those nations dominate entirely, and their fathers did so high end heroics, so they are bit too arrogant and untolerable for my go
20:46 agakuisa: british yeah they fragment into many branches, but still that is considered along the lines of british empire
20:47 agakuisa: they themselves say that scottish and english men are totally different concept, but i do not think there is so much difference
20:47 agakuisa: very high end powers, and they took things over
20:49 agakuisa: cause their reputation is so big, i never have chanches against whatsoever, i always going to be number unactive creator
20:50 agakuisa: because they know them being the ones who actually created this thing i work on
20:50 agakuisa: so i bang my words against the wall really in practice
20:52 agakuisa: as you have noticed we from our country are not exactly silicon valley or the ones who created that technology run or started so to speak
20:53 agakuisa: and hence we do not have so deep access and reputation also
20:54 agakuisa: you talk about linux kernel, yeah this man is finnish indeed, linus torvalds, yeah but his work was basing on still british heorics as wrong it was in the design,23:21 #radeon: < kode54> ooh
23:33 roundtwo: I still advise to control what i talk about CPU systems, i read it from this one https://people.ece.cornell.edu/land/courses/eceprojectsland/STUDENTPROJ/2006to2007/stb25/index.html
23:34 roundtwo: as you see from there the for loop is endless after rename stage, and brnching in the queues works in them.
23:35 roundtwo: So OoO cores always have the unanimous branching methods in the reservetion sations queues.
23:40 roundtwo: there is rouhgly two methods to fasten the pipeline on OoO modern cores, one is allteady mentioned, but the other one includes also fetching and other parts of the pipeline i.e queues are treated as passthrough, this would require changing indirect branches alittle and write to write-combined memory or have the ideal register forwarding too.
23:40 roundtwo: Slightly slower, but still very fast pipeline.
23:41 roundtwo: indirect memory load can not forward the locations on usual writethrough writeback combinations from the cache.
23:42 roundtwo: so operand forwarding is screwed in the elf binaries, due to the need to relocate the code at runtime.
23:45 roundtwo: this kind of code I gave you long time ago, from simulated annealing link, some swiss people did it GPLv3
23:46 roundtwo: you just place a tail call to the correct spot, but you can also block the head of the queues by pausing the dma engine on that location.
23:46 roundtwo: so the head of t