00:56 mareko: zmike: many games use it, e.g. Borderlands 2
00:57 zmike: mareko: uhhh how about something a little simpler to start? :)
00:57 zmike: are there any unit tests you can think of that would?
00:57 mareko: zmike: you can write a simple shader test
00:58 zmike: yea I was just hoping you'd recall something off the top of your head
00:58 mareko: I don't have any
00:58 zmike: fair enough
00:58 zmike: I did an impl the other day and need to figure out a test case, so I'll look into writing something
01:00 mareko: dolphin is a good benchmark for it I've heard
01:00 zmike: ah good, I've been running through all the other emulators so I think that one's on my list anyway
01:01 zmike: thanks for the tip!
01:01 mareko: np
01:04 boberfly: which feature are you after to test?
01:06 zmike: uniform inlining
01:10 boberfly: ahh got nothing that I know of... :)