10:30 danvet: j4ni, yeah
10:30 danvet: if there is anything
10:30 danvet: or did I miss it?
10:33 j4ni: I'll put it together, there's only a few fixes
13:48 danvet: agd5f, + * OK to resume normal operation. Use completion to allow
13:48 danvet: + * halted scsi ops to resume.
13:48 danvet: amdgpu now also a scsi driver? :-)
14:10 danvet: airlied, got the qxl patch, pimped commit message to taste, and applied
14:40 sumits: danvet: sent a merge-req for the maintainers-tool doc update in gitlab
14:40 danvet: sumits, it's patches
14:41 sumits: danvet - ack. sending
14:41 danvet: well I just hit merge
14:41 danvet: hitting that button is pretty quick :-)
14:42 danvet: since I can just look for the green circle and all that
15:04 valged3: you know guys, hardware gurus have done everything right, it's the developers who misunderstand stuff, telling how harddrive bottlenecks compute pipeline, while it is entirely sure that magnetic harddrive manufacturers know that this is not the case, otherwise they would not have had correctly modeled latencies and block counts and sizes of the elements etc. 0.2ms worst case head seek is very plauisible number when you look at at how magnet works, it is
15:04 valged3: 1/5th of a second, this is absolute bullet speed when you order things right which you by far have not done.
15:07 valged3: when i hear stories from my friends, the car manufacturing industry uses similar technologies but very strong robitic magnet movable arms. For instance mercedes benz and such, magneto based technology will never leave the scenes while we still can exist.
15:08 valged3: it more like starts to pick up the real momentum in mixed mode designs as i told, just a CVD machine needed to author those.
15:29 ajax: _mesa_is_winsys_fbo will return true for incomplete framebuffers
15:29 ajax: this seems suboptimal
16:04 zmike: mareko: what tests were you using to verify your inline uniforms feature?
16:21 ajax: why is fbconfig setup so horribly broken and stupid
16:26 Vanfanel: Hello. I am seeing these three lines when eglMakeCurrent() is called by the second time. Any idea of what they mean? There are no errors or fails in dmesg when the 2nd eglMakeCurrent() call occurs:
16:26 Vanfanel: mesa: for the --simplifycfg-sink-common option: may only occur zero or one times!
16:26 Vanfanel: mesa: for the --global-isel-abort option: may only occur zero or one times!
16:26 Vanfanel: mesa: for the --amdgpu-atomic-optimizations option: may only occur zero or one times!
16:26 ajax: Vanfanel: internal mesa issue. that's the internal llvm engine initializing itself twice, which shouldn't be happening
16:26 Vanfanel: ...It must be something in between, context is destroyed and rebuilt, etc. But no errors so no way for me to know.
16:27 Vanfanel: ajax: so it's nothing I am doing wrong?
16:27 Vanfanel: ajax: I am also dynamically loading and unloading the libs, but that should be OK, right?
16:28 ajax: correct, not your fault
16:29 Vanfanel: ajax: ok, then I can continue :) Thanks a lot!
16:29 amonakov: I've seen that a while ago, but a Mesa update resolved it for me
16:30 Vanfanel: amonakov: what MESA version are you using now? Did you update via your distro's package manager or manually?
16:31 amonakov: I'm currently on 20.2.2, distro updates
16:33 Vanfanel: amonakov: it seems that 20.0.8 is the latest version available on Lubuntu, so that's what I have on my desktop machine. Thanks! :)
17:55 dcbaker: itoral: I've got 9f2afe4170 and 2832cbea7a nominated for 20.3, but neither of them apply and I'm not sure how to resolve them. Do you want to de-nominate them, or could you provide me a backport please?
17:56 dcbaker: cmarcelo: I've got f65750d221 nominated for 20.3, but I can't figure out how to resolve the conflicts. Could you provide a backport?
18:00 dcbaker: kusma, zmike : I had to massage the last zink commit on the staging/20.3 branch a tiny bit. Could one of you look at it and let me know if it looks good?
18:00 zmike: dcbaker: sure, uh, can you give me a link? not at a real computer atm
18:05 dcbaker: zmike: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa/-/commit/6731e34f52b149e80537666732d567540d2a2f09
18:07 zmike: dcbaker: 👍 from me
18:18 dcbaker: zmike: Thanks! it was a very minor conflict, but I still like to ask
18:18 zmike: dcbaker: yup, appreciated!
18:32 ajax: #intel-gfx
18:32 ajax: ngh
19:19 cmarcelo: dcbaker: I'll make a backport. the MR should target staging/20.3 right?
19:19 dcbaker: cmarcelo: yes please
19:36 cmarcelo: dcbaker: f65750d2215 ("spirv: Implement OpArrayLength for OpenGL")
19:36 cmarcelo: dcbaker: f65750d2215 ("spirv: Implement OpArrayLength for OpenGL")
19:36 cmarcelo: ops
19:36 cmarcelo: wrong paste
19:37 cmarcelo: dcbaker: dcbaker: MR 8167... should I drop the original "Part of" tag?
19:37 dcbaker: cmarcelo: No, please leave it. A normal backported patch would have it
19:37 dcbaker: thank you
20:45 cmarcelo: dcbaker: not clear to me that CI failure is related to the patch (the backport)
20:45 dcbaker: It's not your fault, I saw that on the staging/20.3 branch as well
20:46 dcbaker: Can you force push over your branch to get the broken commit from Eric out of it?
20:47 dcbaker: cmarcelo: ^
20:51 cmarcelo: dcbaker: ok
20:56 dcbaker: thanks, sorry about that, I should have checked that staging/20.3 was green before assigning to marge
21:32 cmarcelo: dcbaker: np
22:59 dcbaker: anholt: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa/-/commit/1e32cb0675b9a2e7de200c2ed254abe8d193c86f/pipelines?ref=staging%2F20.3 is coming up with some unexpected passes, and they look a little odd to me. Should I just mark those tests as expected pass, or does that surprise you too?
23:02 anholt: dcbaker: looks like we need to remove dEQP-GLES31.functional.texture.multisample.samples_1.use_texture_depth_2d.* from bypass-fails in the backport.
23:03 anholt: the deqp bump had dropped them from xfails since they were in the flakes list, but you don't have that on the stable branch
23:04 dcbaker: Here's what it says unexpected passed, it's a bit of an odd mixture:
23:04 dcbaker: 0-12-18 22:18:01 R SERIAL-CPU> dEQP-GLES31.functional.stencil_texturing.render.depth24_stencil8_draw,UnexpectedPass
23:04 dcbaker: 20-12-18 22:18:01 R SERIAL-CPU> dEQP-GLES31.functional.texture.multisample.samples_3.use_texture_depth_2d,UnexpectedPass
23:04 dcbaker: 20-12-18 22:18:01 R SERIAL-CPU> dEQP-GLES31.functional.texture.multisample.samples_4.use_texture_depth_2d_array,UnexpectedPass
23:05 anholt: yeah. need to remove them from the xfails list.
23:05 anholt: they had been listed in flakes because they didn't fail 100% of the time (it's a cache flush bug)
23:06 anholt: so they were in both xfail (they almost always fail! nothing to see here if they do) and flake (don't stop the pipeline if they unexpectedpass). now the bug is fixed and it should never fail, so drop it from both.
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23:10 anholt:gets XML conversion and QPA file cleanup into deqp-runner, now to see about junit.
23:10 dcbaker: cool, I'll just remove those form the list
23:11 anholt: thanks!
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