09:19 pq: vsyrjala, do you know why Xorg hangs if already in KD_GRAPHICS? People have been proposing that Weston should not refuse to start if already in KD_GRAPHICS.
16:35 vsyrjala: pq: iirc it gets stuck in vt_waitactive. presumably because of that kd_graphics+vt_auto thing in the kernel. so would need to change either of those before doing the vt switch i guess
16:37 vsyrjala: hmm. but that stuff is per-vt i think. so i guess this only happens if someone switched the current vt to kd_graphics
16:38 vsyrjala: iirc it usually happens to me after running some explosive igts. i guess whatever cleanup code we have in there is not great
16:41 kennylevinsen: yeah, they try to switch VT and *then* change the VT mode. I think they're relying on VT cleanup often done by login managers + recently (e)logind/seatd.
16:42 kennylevinsen: the common cleanup is to read the VT mode + KD mode and change it first, but it's not pretty.
17:40 FireBurn: airlied: I think this was only recently merged into agd5f's tree f5a89a5cae812a39993be32e74c8ed7856b1e2b2 but it's causing issues on my raven system https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/drm/amd/-/issues/1405
18:15 FireBurn: Crap, it's also affecting my Tonga card in my PRIME laptop
22:23 Zipdox: I just cloned the mesa repo, and built and installed it with sudo ninja install. But when I rebooted and ran glxinfo | grep OpenGL it still showed mesa 20.2.4
22:38 FLHerne: Zipdox: Probably means that /usr/local/lib isn't in your default paths
22:39 FLHerne: Zipdox: Look at https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa/-/merge_requests/8070/diffs , or set prefix to /usr when running meson
22:39 FLHerne: (but the second case might upset things)
22:41 Zipdox: How do I set a prefix for meson?
23:01 dcbaker[m]: Meson configure -Dprefix=...
23:01 dcbaker[m]: Then ninja install again
23:03 FLHerne: Also, read the docs https://docs.mesa3d.org/meson.html
23:03 FLHerne: (more specifically https://docs.mesa3d.org/meson.html#installation-location )