12:52 baryluk: hmm. I just noticed that radv generates same pipelineCacheUUID when using LLVM and ACO. Is that correct?
13:09 pendingchaos: baryluk: I think so
13:09 pendingchaos: correct caching when switching between LLVM and ACO (along with a few other options) is done by combining get_hash_flags() into the pipeline hash
15:46 mareko: airlied: I don't care anymore
19:00 austriancoder: jekstrand:
19:03 austriancoder: oops.. sorry for noise
20:43 mareko: airlied: the gfx10.3 hangs when SDMA was used were unpleasant, and there are manpower constraints that make supporting SDMA hard to justify
23:28 linusw: Is the drm-misc in feature freeze? I need to commit a fix but I see drm-misc-next-fixes is really not very recent...